Bauer 3D Skate Lab

Bauer 3D Skate Lab


The all-new Bauer 3D Skate Lab has arrived at many of the xHockeyProducts locations and we are very excited to bring it to our customers. The 3D Skate Lab is a scanner created in collaboration with Volumental, a Swedish startup specializing in foot scanning and sizing, that creates an interactive 3D model of the player's feet in just five seconds.

Players can create an account within the 3D Skate Lab to keep track of their sizing and skate fit progression. This is ideal for younger players who are still growing and can help their skate-fitting expert ensure they get the correct size every time they grow.

Once the player steps into the scanner, his feet will then be analyzed and the sizing, width, and measurements will be displayed on an iPad. Finally, the player will be able to see which Bauer skate family - either Vapor, Supreme, or Nexus - will fit his feet best and improve his skating performance.

he results are often very surprising. Many players have a misconstrued perception of their skate size or fit type because it's something they either "just know," were improperly sized when they started playing, or they wanted to wear the same gear as their favorite NHL player. Sometimes it's even a combination of all of those factors!Players who have been wearing a different skate family than what the scanner recommends can also see how it is negatively affecting their skating performance with just one tap. If the scanner recommends Vapor skates and the player wants Nexus skates, they can see all of the empty space on the top portion of the foot. That is wasted space that will cause the player's feet to move inside the skate, resulting in a loss of balance and a poor skating stride.

The technology found in the Bauer 3D Skate Lab and the several years of experience from Discount Hockey's skate-fitting experts will get every player in the best-fitting skate possible. Stop by xHockeyProducts to get your feet perfectly sized into some brand new skates today!