CCM Super Tacks

CCM Super Tacks


CCM released the "new" Tacks skate line back in 2014 as an homage to the original Tackaberry skates from the 1960's. Unfortunately, due to their wide, high-volume fit (like a Bauer Nexus skate), they weren't used by many players outside of those with wide feet. CCM considered this when designing the new Super Tacks skates and completely revamped the fit style and construction. Let's jump in!


First and foremost, Super Tacks skates fit completely differently than the original Tacks skates. As stated above, the original Tacks had a wide fit - most commonly seen in Bauer Nexus skates. Now, the Super Tacks have a super snug, stiff, and contoured fit, like a Bauer Supreme skate.

As the old saying goes, the Super Tacks skates fit like a glove. They wrap around the player's feet without wasting any space and ensure a full "foot-to-skate" connection. This means each stride has the most amount of energy transfer, which results in faster acceleration and more speed on the ice.


Like the 2015 CCM JetSpeed skates, the Super Tacks skates also use a full-composite quarter package. The boot is one solid piece of carbon fiber and is one of the first skates without an outsole, which means the holder attaches directly to the boot.

Noteworthy Features

Another new feature is the asymmetrical boot design. There is a bump on each side of the ankles that allows the ankle bones to fit snugly and comfortably in the skate. It is an asymmetrical design because the protrusion on the inside face of each skate is slightly larger than the one on the outside face.

Also, the Super Tacks skates have this coffin-shaped vent on the bottom of each boot. This vent helps sweat flow through and out of the skate quickly, keeping players' feet dry and comfortable all game long. In addition to dry feet mid-game, the vent also prevents residual sweat and melted ice from lingering once the game is over, resulting in fresher-smelling skates for a longer period of time.

Holders / Runners

The Super Tacks ice skates come standard with CCM's proprietary SpeedBlade 4.0 holders and SpeedBlade Black runners. The SpeedBlade 4.0 holders are found on all of CCM's mid-range to top-of-the-line skates. They have an aggressive forward pitch for faster strides and sharper turns.

However, a major downside to the SpeedBlade 4.0 holders is that they require a screwdriver to replace the runners, unlike the TUUK LightSpeed Edge holders found on Bauer skates. Because I have had my steel crack mid-game on multiple occasions, I really didn't like playing with "permanent" runners, so I ended up swapping out the holders with TUUKs. I hope one day CCM can implement a quick release system for their runners.

The SpeedBlade Black steel runners are truly innovative. They are made of high quality oxidized steel which makes the edges last much longer than traditional steel. Plus, the black coloring makes it incredibly easy to see any burrs and nicks. Aesthetically, the black steel is a great accent to the black and yellow boot. The SpeedBlade Black runners are another high point on the CCM Super Tacks ice skates.

Lasting Impressions

Overall, the CCM Super Tacks skates are nearly flawless. They are extremely stiff right out of the box, but after baking them and skating in them a few times, they become much more comfortable. My entire foot feels locked into place, thanks to the new anatomical fit style.

The full-composite boot is freakishly lightweight, which allows me to have fast acceleration and increased overall speed. With its innovative outsole-free design and aesthetic black steel, the Super Tacks are one of the best-looking and best-performing skates on the market.