Bauer Supreme M5 vs Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates

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When it comes to choosing the right ice hockey skates, Bauer is one of the most trusted brands on the market. The Bauer Supreme M5 and Bauer Supreme M4 are two of Bauer's most popular skate models, and they offer different benefits depending on your needs. The Bauer Supreme M5 is designed for players who need maximum speed and agility on the ice. These skates feature a light weight construction and a tight fit, making them ideal for quick movements. The Bauer Supreme M4 skates, on the other hand, offer more support and stability thanks to their wider design. This makes them a better choice for players who need extra support when skating.

So, which pair of skates is right for you? If you need the lightest and quickest skates possible, go with the Bauer Supreme M5. If you're looking for more support and stability, the Bauer Supreme M4 is the better choice.

Skates Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates Bauer Supreme M5 Ice Hockey Skates
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Review Rating Not Rated
Brand Bauer Bauer
MSRP $349.99 $679.99
Used Price $244.99 $475.99
Sale Price $314.99 $611.99

Skates Descriptions

Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates

If you need a new pair of ice hockey skates, check out the Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates. They are made with a stiff boot construction that provides good support and stability while you skate. The laces are durable and the fit is comfortable, making these skates ideal for intermediate level players.

Bauer Supreme M5 Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Supreme M5 Pro hockey skates include many high-end features and technologies and are a great choice for the player who skates 3-4+ times per week and is looking for a skate that maximizes power and explosiveness.

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