CCM Fit Lite 60 vs Reebok 5K Hockey Helmets

Put hockey helmets head to head to compare size, weight, and more.

Hockey Helmets CCM Fit Lite 60 Hockey Helmet Reebok 5K Hockey Helmet
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Review Rating Not Rated
Brand CCM Reebok
MSRP $59.99 $44.99
Used Price $41.99 $31.49
Sale Price $53.99 $40.49

Hockey Helmets Descriptions

CCM Fit Lite 60 Hockey Helmet

The CCM Fit Lite 60 Hockey Helmet features engineered subShells to create a lightweight professional level of protection. Designed to better manage rotational acceleration by integrating CCM's groundbreaking R.E.D. (Rotational Energy Dampening) system to the Innovative comfort liner. The CCM FitLite helmet is combining the advantage of a fully customizable lightweight fit with innovation in safety protection.

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Reebok 5K Hockey Helmet

The Reebok 5K helmet is a helmet made for any level of player. It features the "Reebok Shell," an aerodynamic shell with ventilation for maximum air flow. The molded EPP liner has comfort cushions for maximum protection and a snug fit and the fit clips permit easy tool-less adjustment and removable clear ear pieces with pro ear loops.
The helmet sticker certification is expired on all of these helmets.

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