CCM Ribcor 90K vs True TRUE TF7 Ice Hockey Skates

Put ice hockey skates head to head to compare size, weight, and more.

Ice Hockey Skates CCM Ribcor 90K Hockey Skate True Hockey TRUE TF7 Hockey Skate
Review Rating Not Rated
Review Rating Not Rated
Brand CCM True Hockey
MSRP $549.99 $249.99
Used Price $384.99 $174.99
Sale Price $494.99 $224.99

Ice Hockey Skates Descriptions

CCM Ribcor 90K Hockey Skate

The CCM Ribcor 90K Hockey Skate features a 3D-lasted ergonomic boot that provides excellent comfort and enhances forward flexion and lateral stability to maximize your stride. Composed of NHL-caliber lightweight composite material with a flexible structure, with a flexible core that offers excellent fit and enhanced biomechanics with every stride.

True Hockey TRUE TF7 Hockey Skate

The True TF7 Hockey Skate delivers many of the performance benefits of True's proprietary skate technology. The thermoformable fiberglass one-piece shell delivers best in class fit while providing unmatched performance. The TF7 also features the versatile SHIFT holder for rapid blade replacement.

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