ccm super tacks as1 vs as2

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Hockey Sticks CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Stick CCM Super Tacks AS2 Grip Composite Hockey Stick
Review Rating Not Rated
Review Rating Not Rated
Weight 350 Grams
Length 49" / 52"
Kick Point Position High
Shaft Design X-Flow Technology
Blade Construction Acu X-Stiff
Family Super Tacks
MSRP $149.99 $89.99
Used Price $104.99 $62.99
Sale Price $134.99 $80.99

Hockey Sticks Descriptions

CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Stick

CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Stick features a speared one-piece construction with Sigmatex carbon fiber to help provide a great feel for the puck and a more effective transfer of energy throughout each play made. X-Flow technology used in the manufacturing pRocess provides a greater strength-to-weight ratio using less resin and more carbon fiber. Rounded Corners & Straight sidewall geometry. The flex profile offers a mid-kick point, an extra stiff hosel and a softened upper shaft allow the stick to store and release more power during your plays. The Mid-Kick affords greater stability and control, and is ideal for players looking for reliability during all types of play. Tacky grip coating. ACU3™ BladeCore helps improve consistency & durability in your play, and its strategically stiff outer frame and two support bridges help afford greater accuracy. Sigmatex Carbon Fiber on the blade.

CCM Super Tacks AS2 Grip Composite Hockey Stick

The Super Tacks AS2 hockey stick is a powerhouse in the modern mid-kick performance department. CCM has introduced new technologies that will satisfy those heavy shooters. This Tacks stick takes performance to the next level with the new optimized tapered design, upgraded mid-kick stiffness, and heightened stability and control. * X-Flow Technology for improved shaft quality, consistency and durability * Acu X-Stiff Blade for maximum feel and shot control * Optimized mid-kick point allowing for a longer loading period * A carbon fiber weave providing stiffness and strength, while reducing overall stick weight The Super Tacks AS2 cutting edge technologies help decrease overall weight and provide comfort and control for advanced to Elite level players looking for that top level stick feel and performance. The big technology upgrade for this year is the softer flex zone allowing for a longer loading period to store more energy. In contrast, the stiff taper zone maximizes stability and response resulting in a balanced stick with exceptional feel. This profile is ideal for players looking for a powerful, accurate, and effortless release on all types of shots. The material in the Super Tacks AS2 is CCMs C6 carbon fiber weave. This weave is used throughout the shaft and blade, providing great all-around stiffness and strength for added durability and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, thanks to the presence of more carbon fiber and less resin which is removed during the molding pRocess. CCM uses its Acu X-stiff blade in the Tacks AS2. This blade is lightweight and features a tactile surface for maximum feel and shot control. It also includes a reinForced toe and heel for unmatched durability. If youre looking for a high performing mid-kick stick with great feel, take a look at the Super Tacks AS2. The upgraded technology and lighter feel maximize shot power, accuracy and full motion shots. Purchasing the right hockey stick can help bring your game to the next level. When choosing your new stick, it is important to place an initial focus on kick point. Finding the kick point that matches your style of play will help enhance your shooting and have a positive impact on your on-ice performance. If youre unsure which kick point is best for you, or youre looking for an accurate assessment, visit your local store store.

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