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About Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield

The Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield is a top-of-the-line option for hockey players who prioritize safety and visibility on the ice. This shield is designed with a high-impact polycarbonate construction, which can withstand heavy contact from pucks, sticks, and other players. The shield also features a unique oval wire design that offers superior vision without compromising protection.

In addition to its durable construction and clear visibility, the Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield is also designed for comfort and convenience. The shield includes a floating chin cup that allows for a customizable fit, as well as ventilation ports that promote airflow and reduce fogging. The shield can be easily attached to any Bauer helmet, making it a versatile and reliable option for players at all levels.

Overall, the Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield is an excellent choice for hockey players who demand the best in terms of safety, visibility, and comfort. With its high-impact construction, oval wire design, and customizable fit, this shield offers a level of protection and performance that is unmatched in the market. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield is the perfect addition to your hockey gear.

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Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield Detailed Review

Detailed Review

The Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield is a sturdy, high-quality shield designed to provide maximum protection for hockey players. It is made from polycarbonate material that is impact-resistant and virtually unbreakable, ensuring that it can withstand even the toughest hits on the ice.

The shield features a dual-density foam padding that provides comfort and absorbs shock, reducing the risk of injury. The padding is also treated with an antimicrobial agent to prevent the growth of bacteria and odor-causing microbes, ensuring that your shield stays clean and fresh-smelling after each use.

The Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield is designed with a floating chin-cup that minimizes pressure points and allows for a custom fit for each player. The chin-cup is also removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The shield has a clear, distortion-free view that provides excellent visibility on the ice. It has a wide field of vision that allows players to see their surroundings and react quickly to any situation that may arise during play.

The Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield is easy to install and remove, making it convenient for players to switch between shields or remove the shield altogether when not needed. It is compatible with most Bauer helmets and can be adjusted to fit different head sizes and shapes.

In conclusion, the Bauer Concept III Full Face Shield is a top-of-the-line shield designed to provide maximum protection and comfort for hockey players. Its impact-resistant polycarbonate material, dual-density foam padding, and clear, distortion-free view make it an excellent choice for players at all levels of the game.

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Love it

11 months ago

My daughter loves this shield. Greatly improved visibility for a play with glasses.

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Sheil split with very little force

1 year ago

I purchased this for my 12 year old and after 6 months the shed split down the right side of the flat part of the shield. Now, I understand that it's there to save his face but he fell on the ice and hit his face and it split very easily, too easy. I can only imagine what a puck at 60 mph would do to it. I would not recommend this mask.

This is an awesome full face shield, well worth it

1 year ago

This is an awesome full face shield, well worth it. I also received A+ service with the difference in screws and accessories for installing this on a CCM helmet. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable and capable.

Best Shield

1 year ago

Best Shield available. Fits most helmets, very durable.


1 year ago

Perfect, doesn't fog up! My kid really likes this for games.

Solid made Bauer product

1 year ago

Fits on my Bauer 5100 just fine and it is way easier to put on that my half shield was. Does fog up occasionally, but I throw a little baby shampoo on the inside before each game and don't have any issues. Has saved me from a couple sticks to the face and a puck.

Potential risk of broken pieces

1 year ago

I bought this face shield for my son in the last summer (Year 2020). Today it broke during the game after one player checked him. The face shield fall off from the hamlet. And the broken pieces cut his face. He had to go to the hospital to make some stitches. Before it broke, there was no sign of any crack. Please be aware of this potential risk.

Does not Fog at all Great Quality

1 year ago

Love it my daughter loves it and does not get foggy at all great quality

Nice clear view

1 year ago

This product works great no issues with it fogging up

Bauer concept

1 year ago

Shield fits perfect on Rkt-95, visor area seems more open than my previous shield.

Will never anywhere else

1 year ago

If you want legit solid professional help with purchasing hockey gear, go to Pure Hockey. My son's been in hockey for 6 years and I've never had a bad experience shopping there. The staff are extremely knowledgeable. Most of them still currently play hockey themselves.

Face Shield

1 year ago

Like the visibility however it fogs easily even with the anti fog sprays..

Good mask.

1 year ago

My kid loves this face shield. Super easy to install and hasn’t scratched.

Faceshield, junior

1 year ago

faceshield chin straps wobbly. trying to adjust helmet/chinstraps to keep chin guard more secure

It's good

1 year ago

Got this with the splash guard so I wouldn't have to wear a facemask for Covid protocols. They're more work than a cage (fog, heat, condensation, etc), but it's not bad. I'll probably keep wearing it after the mask protocol ends, just without the splash guard.

Great mask!

1 year ago

This worked great for my mite and my husband who coaches. A much better option than having to wear a mask. Didn't fog up at all!

Plan to buy for our other skater

2 years ago

Great mask, fogs in cold temperatures. We are grateful for this face covering this year as it helps our son not wear a mask. This does seem to fog in colder temps and took a bit to get used to.

Bauer concept. 3

2 years ago

My son loves his shield, this is his first shield besides his half shield he wears for reffing.

My son loves it!

2 years ago

My son says its easier to see on the ice with the bubble


2 years ago

Great visor. Got 1 for each gives the kids a nice clean sight to see

Clear and works.

2 years ago

Used for Covid protocols. Younger skaters like it. Bantam skater did not.

Great Shield

2 years ago

Excellent shield, great Vision, breathable. Only minor thing is condensation on inner part of shield when sitting on bench.


2 years ago

Solid product. Timely addition given what's going on around the rinks these days.

Waste of money unless your kids like the shield.

2 years ago

Fogs up even with spit spray. Bought them just because masks are mandatory.

Protecting more than just a face

2 years ago

Great protection during this new era of the ‘Rona.

Great for a little extra protection

2 years ago

A little extra protection for the kiddo in our covid world, only thing I'd have against it is that it fogs pretty easily even after using an anti-fog. The inside of the bubble was a little tacky, and that seemed to make it fog a lot. Quick rinse with hot water and some menthol shaving cream cut that down.

Pleasantly surprised!

2 years ago

My son begged us for two years to get this. We gave in when he got a new helmet and absolutely loves it! It hardly fogs up on him with minimal anti fog treatments required. Nothing bad to say about it!

Strap doesn't buckle onto Bauer helmet for shield

2 years ago

The strap does not fit on his helmet and is almost impossible to buckle. Brought it back to store and was told nicely that this is what it is and there is nothing that can be done to help.

Outstanding face mask, highly recommend buying it!

2 years ago

Face mask works great, very dependable against pucks or sticks to the face during hockey games and practices. Definitely recommend buying this face mask for anyone interested.

Insufficient accessories.

2 years ago

The accessories are different from the video. One of the accessories is insufficient. Could you please send it again?

Concept III: your Friend for Covid Hockey

2 years ago

Aside from a great hockey hair flow, nothing is as popular for 2020 and as coveted as a bubble shield. My peewee can breathe, covid mask free. Our league requires the spit guard which my player says blocks some vision on the puck. But he’s dealing. Covid.. making home dressing cool... And these bubbles the most sought after piece of equipment since a cup.

Great product, hard to install

2 years ago

My daughter loves this shield. Her visibility has greatly increased on the ice. We used the recommended defogging spray, and she said she didn't have any problems with condensation at all after a day of two hard games. Installation was challenging though. We had to bring it back to the store to have them put it on her helmet and get the straps to fit correctly. I really appreciate read more (as always) the Pure Hockey staff, who were patient and helpful in making sure her helmet fit correctly.

Love Pure Hockey It’s purely Phenomenal

2 years ago

I was able to play outside with my team with my new shield and felt extremely safe! The people working there in Edina are sensational and so helpful!!! It is one of my favorite shops in the universe!!! I mean it!!!

My boy loves it

2 years ago

Great shield! So far definitely worth the purchase.

Clear shield

2 years ago

This is second time purchasing this mask, as we needed a second color helmet. My son loves it and we have not had any trouble with fogging up while on the ice.

Full shield

2 years ago

First time using a full face shield. Got it so I could play and feel safer about protecting myself and others from COVID

Great product!

2 years ago

Doesn’t fog and has great field of vision! Perfect fit and exceeded expectations.

Nice Mask

2 years ago

Works great. Still unsure about the chin strap/guard. Seems like it rides a little high. I talked to someone else with the same mask, he has the same issue.

Well fitting great shield

2 years ago

I recently purchased the Bauer Concept III full face shield and am pleased with the protection and vision thru the shield. this is a well built, great fitting product

Fishbowl face mask

2 years ago

I haven't been able to use this yet as the rinks are still closed due to Covid-19. i purchased it when I heard some rinks will require it upon reopening.

Covid protection for resumption of Hockey

2 years ago

It shipped May 26 and I have worn it twice for hockey since it arrived. It provides the protection from sweat spray I wanted.

Good stuff.

3 years ago

I am nothing but satisfied with this product. Keeps me safe and functions just fine.

Don’t buy this.

3 years ago

Just got back from using it for the first time. It may not fog, but the condensation makes it impossible to see anything. You can’t wipe it down often enough. Moisture comes back almost immediately. I ended up trying to play with the mask raised, then eventually got a screwdriver and took it off. Wish I could return it for a refund. Huge waste.

Best face mask for female teenager

3 years ago

Buying separate helmet and face masks is best solution and for best visibility the non cage masks are the best!!!! Hit age 13 and needed to get a larger size. Do not wait until your mask or helmet are too tight! Donate them to other Younger players and do the right thing and invest in your protection with some of the best equipment out there to protect against concussions rtc

Ask these guys what works best

3 years ago

Great product my son loves it. Her switched from a regular grille.


3 years ago

Looks great. Hope it will be efficient! it's for my son

Good option for clarity and protection

3 years ago

This is the second Concept III Full Face Shields that I have purchased and used. So, this review is based on the use of both of them as I found no difference between them (though I bought them about 6 months apart). These are a great product to keep the protection of a full face mask while minimizing the distraction of bars. The visibility through the mask is great. It has declined read more a little over time, but with a little cleaning gets back to almost good as new. To clean it I have found that using any kind of gentle soap works well (such as baby shampoo). I typically do this maybe once a month. When I first got my first mask I had some issues with fogging a little (more towards the end of games). Using some of the antifog sprays before a game seems to work well. However, now I have found I don't really need the spray anymore (I'm not sure if it is a change in my fitness, breathing, or what). I really just use the spray if I find that my mask could use a cleaning just before a game. But this is mostly when I haven't cleaned it with shampoo for a while. One thing to watch out for is that the chin cup can get pretty gunked up over time and should be cleaned out as well. Be careful if you take out the strap because it is not easy to get the fit just right when reinstalling it. I prefer to clean it all while still installed (though this isn't an option when it gets overly gunky). My last note is that I found the chin cup cannot easily be replaced. So, while it is not the highest end chin cup, it will be difficult to replace with anything other than an identical model. The fit issue has to do with the way the strap fits (which is required and somewhat unique compared to regular metal face masks). Issue: my only issue is that the screw clips at the top (that keep the mask attached to the helmet) are not particularly well designed. I had to take them out and flip them (so that the thinner part was against the helmet) in order to get it to screw in flush to the helmet (RE-AKT). I'm not sure if this is the exact cause, but I am unable to lift the mask. Fortunately, despite my large head, I am able to take the helmet off without any issue (at all) even with the mask down. If the clasps were improved (and if I could use a better chin cup), I would give this 5 stars for everything else.

Works great!

3 years ago

I bought this for my 9 year old, so far he loves it, says he sees the ice better and no fogging issues at all. We apply the "hockey spit" about once a week. Overall very happy.

Better than I thought

3 years ago

My son is pretty rough on everything, and so my initial thought of the bubble was skepticism, but the shield has held up pretty nice. He’s on the ice 3-7 times a week, needless to say collisions, and falls happen, and it still looks like it’s brand new. Also rarely fogs up

Great full face visor for kids

3 years ago

My son wanted this since I use something similar. He has see out of it without any issues. Fits just right on Bauer youth helmets. Was able to swap out the strap clips with the ones the helmet came with (the helmet originally had the kind that slide off/on instead of snapping on).

Works great

3 years ago

My son really likes it, wears it for college. Protects really well.

Have to have a Bauer helmet unless...

3 years ago

Bought this for my son and he likes the clarity vs looking through the cage. No issues with fog yet but the occasional drips of seat has bothered him a bit. Now brings a towel to bench for those situations. Big problem for us was he wears a ccm helmet and doesn’t care for the fit of Bauer helmets. This visor is designed such that the clips will not align with screw holes on a read more ccm helmet by about 1/2 an inch. In order to overcome that I modified the clips with a dremel notching out just enough to allow it to fit. The clips are pretty wide and there’s plenty left so I don’t feel it’s a safety issue. Without this issue I would have given 5 stars.

Not sure how people wear these

3 years ago

I wanted to like this. Visibility is good for the first 15 minutes but that's about it. It's heavy, hot (it doesn't flow much air) and while it doesn't fog, condensation forms on the inside when you get hot. It's hard to clean on the bench meaning that after a bit, visibility was worse than a cage. Just wear a cage.

4/5 Stars

3 years ago

Very clear and looks great. Fogs up easily so you have to use an anti-fog spray to prevent that, but otherwise I love it.

Bauer face shield

4 years ago

My son likes it, he thinks it looks cool. Have not had any issues with it

Good face shield

4 years ago

Very good shield for the cost and easy to put on to the helmet

Great vision and quality

4 years ago

Great replacement to my existing face shield. Easy to attach and vision is great.

Better vision..better player

4 years ago

My 8 year old loves this. So much better than the cage.

Safer and better

4 years ago

my grandson feels much safer with this shield than the other one he had prior. He is more confident and can play better without hesitation

Good shield

4 years ago

My son is lovely the fit and visual field of the shield. I'd say the part is the scratching. He's worn it to 4 practices and it has a thick scratch. He can still see good, so hopefully it doesn't get more scratches this season! (He always puts his helmet in the bag provided)

Going from mask to visor

4 years ago

I converted from full mask and the transition has been pretty easy. It is overall easier to see. I use defogger spray for clear vision. It was easy to install on the new Bauer Reakt 200

Stops slap shots without a mark - no fog

4 years ago

I've taken a slap shot to the face in an adult hockey game with this shield with absolutely no mark, no scratch. I used some aftermarket clamps to connect it to me helmet, which both broke, but no damage to my mask. Kinda repetitive of other reviewers, but I'm obsessive over no fog, and this does the trick. I usually put hockey spit (fog remover) on it before every game, but I have read more gone without using it with no problem,

My kid loves it.

4 years ago

Great air flow and doesn’t fog up if you use the defogger spray. Only con is that it doesn’t fit easily onto CCM helmet but thanks to YouTube we attached it.

Nothing good about this shield

4 years ago

I bought it two days ago, used it last night. It’s supposed to be anti fog and very breathable, but it’s quite the opposite. I was wiping it down after every shift even after apply addition anti fog spray. If you sweat even the slightest, it smudges and messes with your vision. Airflow is also very low, it’s as if you’re hotboxing your own helmet. Also feels like you’re read more trying to breathe through a small hole. Avoid at all cost.


4 years ago

this thing fogs up like crazy. I tried the shampoo/soap trick, didn't work. I just bought a bottle of Hockey Spit. If that doesn't work, I'm returning this. Can't say whether I recommend it or not yet. We'll see. They should have better venting in this thing.

Great bubble!

4 years ago

I really am beginning to love this bubble. I put on hockey spit everytime before i hit the ice (might be your drawback but i dont mind). I love how much more of the ice i can see and it makes the wife happy

Bauer face mask

4 years ago

Bought this for my son and he is loving it. No more prison bars to look at. Seems to be working fine so far no fogging issues yet

Took a chance and it paid offf!

5 years ago

I read a good portion of the q&a’s about what helmets this would fit. Long and short was most of the answers pointed to it not being able to fit on Warrior helmets. Then I was able to take notice of many of the Havard Men’s Hockey team members and the fact many had this shield on their Warrior helmets. My son has a Warrior Krown helmet and really enjoys the fit of the read more helmet and wanted to give a go with a “bubble” as most kids call it. I bought the shield and was originally met with opposition but was able to coax it into position with a good overall fit! If I change one thing, I would find my way to a local hardware store and find some “offset pipe clamps” to replace the stock ones that hold the shield at the top with the mounting screws. One thing to consider when buying this shield for a Warrior helmet. There is a bit of “rub” on the side of the shield where it meets the height limit brackets but I felt that was acceptable as the area doesn’t effect the viewable area of the shield. Overall my son is very happy with the shield and the now “unobstructed “ view he has of the ice and other aspects of the game.

Greater vision

5 years ago

I bought this for my son and he says it makes a world of difference. Improved field of view, no fogging and easy to install.

Full face shield

5 years ago

I purchased this for my 9 year old Granddaughter. She loves being able to see better.

Good vision and ventilation.

5 years ago

I went from a half shield to this full shield. Excellent vision and ventilation. It does tend to fog a little when I start to sweat a lot after 30-40 mins of skating. Definitely need a towel on the bench to wipe off excess sweat to avoid the shield from fogging up. I do use an anti-fog spray every time I skate.

Great face shield

5 years ago

After my son complained about the bar on his cage, saying he would lose the puck when he would look down, we decided to get him this clear shield. His stick handling and shooting has improved from the first time he wore it. He loves it and said he will never go back to the cage.

Great product

5 years ago

I bought this for my nephew he's one happy boy! He loves it.

Amazing replacement for the boring cage...

5 years ago

So much clarity, and it's only fogged once (-10 Outdoors). It's a super functional shield, and it's awesome looking to boot!

Absolutely thrilled...

5 years ago

My grandson, age 7, is absolutely thrilled with this shield. He'd asked for one since he said his cage impedes his side vision especially. I also purchased the Bauer Prodigy helmet for him, and together, they make a perfect pair!

Hockey face shield is perfect.

5 years ago

Bought this for my grandson on the Flagstaff Northstars last month. Exactly what he wanted!

Fogged up really bad

5 years ago

Installed ok, but fogged up really bad as soon as the game started. Tried to wipe away the moisture but kept coming back.

Son loves it

5 years ago

Bought a month ago and son absolutely love it. Very easy to attach to Bauer helmet.

Great purchase

5 years ago

This item was a great decision for me to make. My field of vision has increased on the ice from a cage. Be sure to also get anti fog spray, because it will most likely fog up. I would recommend though.

Better than a cage

7 years ago

I just bought this a couple weeks ago for my 2100 helmet, with my astigmatism. I get focused on a cage bar and lose the vison quickly. For my 1st game I did not put anyhting on it. MINOR fogging. But it cleared up quickly. Used the Bauer Fog free. NO FOG. I even took a puck to the face. And it did its job. Will NEVER go back to a cahe again.

Bubble boy

7 years ago

My little hockey player said its good, it's clear and he can see everything, including the net!

Cant go by the directions if other but Bauer helme

7 years ago

I have an easton helmet and the directions are based on the bauer line of helmets. Cant go by the directions as it won't fit that way, only by the "Don't" way does it fit. its a great looking shield, just remember to try it on before playing.

Great product, Great price

8 years ago

This is the 2nd one we have purchased in our family - and they are great. Far better than the other options available that we have tried. If it fogs up (rarely) a little spit clears tht right up, great visibility and no blind spots, excellent fit.

Air flow...

9 years ago

Love the visibility of this clear cage, but I find that it restricts air flow. Since the vent holes are placed at the chin area and above the eyes, it often feels like you are tying to breath through a straw. Perhaps it is just me, but I switched back to a wire cage. Hate the visible bars, but ventilation and breathing is a bit more important for me.

Very Foggy

9 years ago

This mask is hard to see out of the majority of time that I'm wearing it because it fog's up so much. I am going to purchase a half-shield and go with that. DO NOT BUY!

Nice protection

9 years ago

Nice design, does not fog up at all, the vents on the bottom allow air to flow through, thus no fog. I recommend this shield for anyone.

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