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Bauer Hyperlite Hockey Helmet

Bauer Hyperlite Hockey Helmet

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About Bauer Hyperlite Hockey Helmet

The Bauer Hyperlite Hockey Helmet is one of the most popular and well-known helmets on the market. It offers great protection and is very comfortable to wear. The helmet is also very lightweight, making it ideal for players who want to stay agile on the ice.

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Bauer Hyperlite Hockey Helmet Detailed Review

Detailed Review

The Bauer Hyperlite Hockey Helmet is a top-of-the-line helmet designed for elite-level players who demand the most out of their protective gear.

Featuring a multi-density foam liner, the Hyperlite helmet provides maximum impact absorption while also maintaining a lightweight feel. The dual-density ear cover provides added protection against impacts to the side of the head, while the tool-free adjustment feature allows for a customized fit.

Perhaps one of the most unique features of the Hyperlite helmet is its FreeForm Adjustment System. This innovative design allows players to adjust the fit of the helmet in all directions, ensuring a snug and secure fit that won't shift during play.

The Hyperlite helmet also features Bauer's patented VTX Technology, a system that reduces rotational acceleration during impacts. This technology is designed to reduce the risk of concussions and other head injuries by up to 30 percent, making it an excellent choice for any player looking for superior protection on the ice.

In addition to its advanced protective features, the Hyperlite helmet is also incredibly comfortable to wear. Its soft-touch liner wicks away moisture and ensures a comfortable fit, while the vented shell provides excellent breathability to keep players cool during intense games and practices.

Overall, the Bauer Hyperlite Hockey Helmet is an exceptional choice for any player looking for the ultimate combination of protection, comfort, and performance on the ice. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this helmet will provide the peace of mind you need to focus on your game and perform at your best.

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Better than expected

Frankly Speaking
7 months ago

I typically prefer the way another brand of helmet fits my head but the local store did not have any in stock so we tried this and so far after a few games I am starting to like it.

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We have never been steered wrong.

10 months ago

We have never been steered wrong. Always the best recommendations. The best fittings. Regardless of the item. This store and staff provide the best customer experience.

Great Helmet

1 year ago

I love how light this helmet feels while playing. The fit was also spot on due to the ample adjustable points.

Pricey yet very light, well-fitting helmet

1 year ago

The Bauer Hyperlite Helmet is a fairly pricey yet very light, well-fitting helmet that’s quick and easy to adjust while providing adequate protection and comfort.

Worth every penny

1 year ago

Of all the hockey gear I’ve bought this is by far the best! Like the name Suggest it’s ultra lightweight, and with it customized to your head it’s like wearing nothing at all. It gets one better, it can take a puck to the head and keep you protected.

Good but….

1 year ago

Great helmet but the padding keeps falling out and having to hot glue it back in. Shouldn’t happen to a helmet this expensive.

Comfortable, light, and adjustable

1 year ago

Nice and light with good adjustability - my only complaint is the price, but it's what fit me best, so I won't take off any stars for that. This helmet with a Bauer Re-Akt titanium cage is much lighter and more comfortable than my previous helmet (IMS 5.0 w/ Profile 1 cage).

Nice fit

1 year ago

Helmet is comfortable, easy to adjust Bought for my 15 y/o son and he has no complaints.

Awesome helmet, but it comes at a price

1 year ago

I just replaced my older Bauer helmet as it was fairly uncomfortable, and heavy. I agonized over spending north of $300 for a helmet, but after trying it on, I figured I would go for it. The helmet is so light, you sort of forget it's there. What I really like over my old helmet, is this model is adjustable in length and width. There is a release on top, and one on each side read more the allow for super easy, tool free adjustment. The helmet of course has mounting points for shields or cages for quick installation of just about any mask. Just be prepared for a little bit of bending the visor to align the holes. I have used this in two games so far, and really like it.

Excellent fit and comfort

1 year ago

Excellent fit and comfort. Had item instock at local store

No protection

1 year ago

Light weight but the trade off is zero protection. Went with Re AKT 200 instead.

Hockey Helmet & Service

1 year ago

very comfortable and grateful for the help and service of the pure hockey staff!

Uncomfortable hard shell

1 year ago

The helmet was light but I was expecting the green foam to be a soft material but it was hard and felt uncomfortable on my head.

Bauer lite helmet

1 year ago

Best helmet light weight and best protection against concussions .

Great helmet!

1 year ago

Lightweight and comfy for my 12 yr old son. He loves it.

Great helmet….but….

1 year ago

This helmet fits great and is super light! I have a huge head and struggled to find a helmet big enough. With this helmets adjustability, I was able to get it to fit perfectly. I was only disappointed in the fact that this $310 helmet did not come with the button snaps necessary to secure my cage. Otherwise it is stellar!!

Incredibly light weight- a bit on the hot side

1 year ago

Weight is amazing... Helmet runs very hot- hotter than my already hot previous helmet, ReAkt. Took a big hit from a puck and deflected energy well.

Excellent Helmet

1 year ago

This helmet is like wearing a baseball cap. Incredibly light yet durable and protective. The fit is easily adjustable so you can make it as snug as you like. I highly recommend spending the money.

Best helmet we got

1 year ago

My son loves this helmet. So light, best fit with lots of protection. Hoghly recommend.

HYPERLITE helmet review

1 year ago

Great helmet, took a few times to adjust, but it feels great once I got the right adjustments and fitting down! Really light, but I think the protection is good too!

Bauer Hyper Lite Helmet

1 year ago

Loving the new hyper lite helmet. More adjustable than prior Bauer helmets. Amazing fit and comfort. Doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a helmet. No pressure points. Drys fast. Highly recommend

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