Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick Review

Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick

Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick

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About Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick

The Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick is a top of the line hockey stick that offers excellent performance and durability. It is made with a high-quality composite material that is designed to offer a great feel and exceptional power. The stick also features a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of the game.

Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick For Sale

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Bauer Nexus 2N is discontinued

1 year ago

My son loves the Bauer Nexus 2N, especially with an 82 Flex and the P92M blade profile. However, it appears that this model has been discontinued and replaced by the Geo.

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Stick broke in 20 days :(

2 years ago

Stick broke after 20 days and Bauer has stopped making the PM9 blade pattern which is annoying in the extreme. These P28 are ok, but not ideal.

Great service

2 years ago

excellent service to Culver Academy on short notice

My son's favorite stick

2 years ago

My son loves this stick and we felt very fortunate to find the last one in the store that day. He's hoping this one lasts the entire season and doesn't need to go to his backup stick. If we couldn't find this one he was looking at the Geo and I am super happy he found his first choice since it saved me over $100.


2 years ago

We have bought this stick 4x;) and love free shipping in Minnesota

Solid stick

2 years ago

Pretty solid,I’m 8-10 faceoff wins. I’d 100% repurchase this stick

Bauer 2N Pro Nexus

2 years ago

Great product, great durability, really light and good whip


2 years ago

I am so disappointed with this stick I got it like 4-5 months ago and its chipped so badly as a backup!!

River Dragon Hockey approved

2 years ago

These were a gift to one of our Columbus River Dragons (FPHL Champions 2021) players (#10 Ivan). He said they were great. They increased his shot-speed and power.

Awesome stick

2 years ago

I am fairly new to hockey and this stick meets all of my expectations. I purchased in a p14 curve and 70 flex. Having only used a warrior 88 flex this is a huge jump up in quality. Great response and durability

Nexus Stick

2 years ago

Great stick at a great price. My 10 year old is a big fan of the Nexus line.

Lucky twig

3 years ago

First game using this sick twig posted a hatty NBD the next game got 4 points two goals to apples love it

Replacement warranty process smooth

3 years ago

Stick broke 2 weeks after purchase. Near the handle! Blocked shot from a 13yr old. Pure hockey staff were great and gave my son a warranty replacement.

Great Stick!

3 years ago

My son loves this new stick. Highly recommend to others!

Good stick but fragile and broke very fast!!!

3 years ago

Got this for my 11yo, very light quck release. But it broke on his 3rd day of practice, luckily it was only 5days after i bought it so i was able to get a new one. I wouldn't recommend this stick his friend also broke one unfortunately your only allowed 1 exchange during the 30 days. His previous stick was a Vapor 1x light lasted nearly a whole season before it developed a crack. read more I really Bauer is removing too much material to make these sticks lighter both broke the blade clean off you can clearly see how thin the shaft is at that point.

Bauer 2N Pro

3 years ago

Best stick I’ve used to date. Very light. Extremely well balanced. Improves my stick handling and adds power to every shot. No complaints.


3 years ago

Awesome stick!! My favorite so far! I am 5'7 160 lbs using 65 flex intermediate. Has great power and feel.

Awesome Junior Stick

3 years ago

By far the lightest stick in its category at 316g. (Excluding the flylite). My son isn’t a Vapor fan. He loves the grip, the thickness and the slightly concave sides. Great purchase

Great stick and feel

3 years ago

Great stick we got this one as his backup to his Nexus ADV. He says it has a great feel and he loves the control he has with it.

Love this twig!!

3 years ago

I have used true sticks, warrior sticks and ccm sticks, and this is by far my favorite!!

Really good stick

3 years ago

i bought this about three weeks ago and i don’t regret it! definitely recommend this stick to anyone who is looking a light weight mid kick stick.

Great stick, but broke in 2nd game used.

3 years ago

My son loved the stick. He raved about the lightness and flex. However, it broke in the second game he used it in. It lasted only 11 days. I’m not not recommending the stick, but I don’t know if our experience was a fluke. Hopefully, the warranty will cover a new stick and we can get a better idea of its durability.

This is an amazing stick

3 years ago

Let’s be honest. Most of us don’t need a $300 twig. With that said - I absolutely love this stick. I noticed a difference in the power of my slap shot immediately. No difference in my wrist shot though. Love it.

Good stick but bad quality

4 years ago

Bought it in mid November and used it until late February and it was a great stick, however the heel of the blade cracked at the end of January and it is to the point the stick is almost unusable, I had the same problem with my 1x lite and I will not be buying Bauer’s stocks anytime soon

Great stick for all around situations

4 years ago

My son loves this stick. He likes the flex for his slap shot as well as his wrist shot. It is pricey thought, I'm hoping the scouts realize this when they come to see him play. Maybe they'll include a stick signing bonus/package IF they sign him. He also likes the weight of it too !

Broken in less than 2 weeks

4 years ago 13 year old son bought less than two weeks ago and it has already broken with moderate use

Thrilled with stick!

4 years ago

My son wanted to replace his existing stick as the toe had split. He went up a grade in this same model of stick and loves it even more as it is lighter. He is thrilled with the purchase.

Love it!

4 years ago

I have been playing with a low kick stick for the last year and switched over to this and my shots are much harder. Less tourqe when i load a slap shot so the stick feels much more stable and solid in my hands. I'm loving it so far. Not sure of durability as of yet since i have only had it for 2 weeks but have already got in 6 games with it so it seems to fine.

Keep coming back to this stick!

4 years ago

Tried several sticks and keep coming back to this one! Tried and True!

Choice Stick!

4 years ago

2nd one I've purchased for my son, bought with slightly higher flex - he LOVES this stick!!

Great stick

4 years ago

Bought for my son who is taller. He loves it. Great feel and the flex is true because he isn’t adding an extension in a shorter stick.

Stick rules

4 years ago

Best stick I have ever used. Probably a reason it's the most popular stick in the NHL. Right?....right.

Very nice stick

4 years ago

I’ve had this stick for about a mont and a half and it is a great stick it is very durable and is perfect

Very fragile sticks

4 years ago

Loved the feel and snap of this stick, however, durability is garbage. Two broken sticks after 6 games played on each. The breaks were not due to slashes, but just normal play. Both sticks broke in the blade from normal slapshots.

Excellent Service

4 years ago

I ordered a new stick for my son. During transportation the stick was damaged and had to be replaced. The CSR was great to work with and had a new stick on it's way the same day. They also upgraded as the stick I purchased was no longer available.

Best Stick Ever

4 years ago

My grandson has been a big bauer stick fan and he says "this is the best stick I have ever owned".

Awesome stick!

4 years ago

I’ve read some bad reviews for this stick but I can tell you that both of my boys use the 2N pro 35 and 40 flex and they both have had their sticks for over a year with ZERO issues! My son who uses the 40 flex broke his stick is a game today blocking a slap shot and we are buying another one to replace it... hands down the best stick for a younger player I’ve seen!

2n stick

4 years ago

My son is enjoying the high performance stick !!!!!

Mine broke too

4 years ago

A crack right down the middle of the blade from top to happened while shooting in garage, not even playing. Stick was 2 months old.

Breaks Easily

4 years ago

I bought this 4 months ago and since the first month, chips cracks destroyed the connection between the shaft and blade.


4 years ago

When I see such review´s like broken in 1 game, I though I need to write review for that stick too. I had this stick for an half a year (playing 3x week)and I love it !!! perfect for every type of shots. The stick is very very light and sth like controll puck with hand is effortless. The blade is very stiff and I like it very much, I can feel the puck very well and till now blade read more looks like a new, just a few scratches.

Great Performance, Horrible Durability

4 years ago

Did great for the first three months, then the blade got weak and eventually developed a crack through the bottom. Overall lasted 4 months.

Good stick breaks easily

4 years ago

I used this stick for around 2 months and then broke when shooting with it.

Great stick breaks easy

4 years ago

Went through two of these. Both broke within a month of using it. Don’t buy it. It’s not worth the money

Chips on the heel

5 years ago

I bought two of these. One for Christmas and one a month later because I loved it so much. But then around another month later both of the sticks began to chip in the heel really bad. Then yesterday on of them broke in the shaft. I loved the pop on the shot and feel for the puck until then. I don’t think i’m going to be trying out a third one after reading some of the other read more reviews.

A great stick

5 years ago

I havent had any problems with this stick since i got it decemeber people say it breaks and its not durbale well depends on the player and the shot but every shot i have taken blade hasnt been chipped or anything and i play 5 times a week

Durability poor

5 years ago

Have been buying these for my high school son and he snapped two in three weeks. Daughter who is all of 110 pounds broke her blade tonight after 42 days. Great pop and feel with the stick, but hard to stomach the cost for a twig.

It’s so light

5 years ago

I bought this a month ago and heard some things about it breaking and it still hasent my game has improved significantly and I now lead my team in goals thanks a lot Bauer

Don't BUY

5 years ago

this stick broke in the blade while I was giving a pass and I am moving to True because my past bauer sticks broke in the same spot

Broken stick

5 years ago

The stick broke after 4 games of regular use I would not buy this stick again...

Poor quality

5 years ago

I bought 2 of these stick for my kids. After 3 months both sticks blades broke off. Another kid on the team has the same stick and the same thing happened.

Breaks very easily

5 years ago

I bought this stick in mif November and it broke after about 2 weeks. I went and got the warranty stick which broke after about 3 uses from getting checked and because the warranty is only one time I was not able to get a new one

Stick broke

5 years ago

We bought this stick in October and it broke with a few months normal use. Is there any kind of warranty? My son wants the same stick, but I’m reluctant to spend the money on another one.

Amazing Stick

5 years ago

I got this stick coming from a Sherwood Rekker EK365, the lightest stick in the world, (production), and it felt great. I would recommend this stick to anyone.

Great stick but breaks quickly

5 years ago

Bought Sept 8. Great stick but broke for no apparent reason in October. ---1 month and 17 days later. Bauer would not replace. I was hoping would be more durable than N1. Seems less!

Great feel with the Puck/Breaks Easily

5 years ago

My son lovers this stick, but 2 have broke in as many months from catching passes in practice and the hockey season hasn't started yet. I would not recommend this stick.

Great stick!!

5 years ago

We bought this for my son,and he had nothing bad to say about it! Great stick!

Great feel

5 years ago

The new Bauer 2N pro, is the best Bauer stick i have ever had!

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Brand Bauer
Category Composite Hockey Sticks
Hand Left
Color Blue
Flex 102 Flex
Pattern P28
Weight 410 Grams 312 Grams 370 Grams 315 Grams
Length 60 inches 46 inches 57 inches 40 Flex: 52 inches, 50 Flex: 54 inches
Measured Product 60 Inch P92 87 Flex
Construction Material TeXtreme Construction
Kick Point Position Mid
Shaft Design Rounded Corners, Slightly Concave Sides
Blade Construction ACL
Tapered Yes
Warranty 30 Days
Family Nexus

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