Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Ice Hockey Skates Review

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Ice Hockey Skates

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About Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Ice Hockey Skates are designed for the competitive player who demands the best in performance and comfort. These Skates feature a lightweight and durable composite boot construction that provides excellent support and energy transfer. The anatomical footbed provides superior comfort, while the TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder and stainless steel runner deliver exceptional speed and edge control.

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Best skates I've ever owned

3 years ago

These skates are super stiff, yet extremely comfortable at the same time. I came from a pair of CCM U+Pros I've been skating in for the past 10 years, so it took me a while to get used to these. They don't have as much of a heel to toe drop as the CCM's I was in, but I definitely feel more agile and explosive in these. Luckily, I got these right when the price dropped also. read more A few of the negatives which are minor, but worth a mention... I don't really like the plastic feel of the tendon guards, but it's pretty cool how you can customize it if you want. I also was a little hesitant about the one piece injected eyelet system. I think I would prefer traditional eyelets in case one needs to be replaced down the line, but I don't recall ever having to replace one before, and apparently there is a way to fix the one piece if it ever does need to be fixed. The additional holes for custom lacing is cool, but haven't found a need to play around with it yet. And I don't know why but Bauer uses the worst laces...They were starting to rip after a few skates, but I replaced them with waxed laces which were only a few dollars. Overall these are great, and a great buy at the new price point if you can get them. They're comfortable, fast, and they feel like they will last a long time.

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Performance at it’s finest

4 years ago

Just picked up a pair of these after skating with a pair of pro stock skates. They almost feel like they were molded to my feet. Almost as if the runners are apart of my feet. There is a little more room in the toe than I like but there are things out there to resolve that.

Solid skates

4 years ago

This skate is solid. The boot is light but protects like no other. I’ve worn ccms and Reeboks, but I’m all Bauer after these skates. Very expensive though.

Changed rivets twice

4 years ago

Always played in bauer/nike skates. It was first time when i changed rivets in first two months of using skates. First time i changed all rivets and after month 2 rivets go out again. But it was pro skates


4 years ago

The 2s pro is a all around wonderful skate. Although it might be a few more bucks the move up is definitely worth it. These skates are a must have is you are on those higher level teams.

Great Skates

4 years ago

great comfort and durability, you definitely don't get lace bite. provide lots of support, the blade holds its sharpening for a long time

Hands down the best skates I have ever put on

4 years ago

I'm not a AAA player by no means and always went for a mid-range skate in the past as I was convinced an average hobby player could not benefit from a skate like 2S PRO. Boy was I wrong ! I recently managed to save up a little bit and decided to treat myself with these ultimate Supreme skates. I was quite worried about suffering a lot of break in period pain due to the stiffness read more of these skates but these are by far the most comfortable skate out of the box. I had them baked twice. First pick up game and the only thing a felt was a bit of initial pressure in the heel area that was gone after like 15 minutes. The additional support these skates provide in tight turns and transition is a huge benefit over mid-range line I used before. They also seem to be significantly more durable than my previous skates due to the used highend materials.

Good skates

4 years ago

These are nice skates. They have a Comfortable fit. They are true to size. Blades hold a sharp edge. They are visually appealing.

Nice skates

4 years ago

I just bought these skates today and they seem very comfortable. I wish they didn’t cost so much but I have been constant relentless pain coming from a pair of CCM Tacks 6092 that were absolutely horrid. I hope these work out and I cant wait to use them.

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Brand Bauer
Category Ice Hockey Skates
Heat Moldable Yes
Replaceable Steel Yes
Age Group Senior Junior
Sizes 6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.5 9.0 10.0 10.5 11.0 11.5 12.0 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.5
Width D EE
Weight 684 Grams
Runner Tuuk LS5 carbon-coated stainless steel
Tongue Material Reflex Pro tongue, 3-piece 52 oz felt
Boot Construction 3-D lasted carbon Curv composite
Outsole Construction Ultra lightweight vented composite
Footbed Bauer Speed Plate 2.0
Warranty Boot/Runner 90 Days, Holder 1 Year
Product Line Supreme

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