Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Grip Composite Hockey Stick Review

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Grip Composite Hockey Stick

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Grip Composite Hockey Stick

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About Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Grip Composite Hockey Stick

The Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Grip Composite Hockey Stick provides excellent feel and control on the ice. The stick is made of high-quality composite materials and features a comfortable grip that makes it easy to hold and maneuver. The blade is designed for precision shooting and passing, and the stick is well balanced for a smooth, powerful swing. With its top-notch construction and performance, the Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Grip Composite Hockey Stick is an excellent choice for serious hockey players.

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Broke legit after 36 days..

1 year ago

Broke a week after the 30 day warranty, only played 4 games with it. Break was in the center of the blade. Not happy.

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1 year ago

The release with this thing is absolutely amazing. My shot seems to be coming off with more power than it usually does and as a beer league duster I need all the help I can get. Highly recommend it.

New stick

1 year ago

It’s a little heavier than some sticks I like that it gets thicker at the bottom of the shaft so u know your hands are all the way down when u take a slap shot .


1 year ago

These sticks are absolute son has gone thru a handful of these models. My son originally liked shooting with this stick so we purchased a handful for travel season (couldn't chance shipping uncertainty with COVID delays).Breaks in all areas not just a flex point issue. Block a shot...break a stick....snap shot..break a name it. Breaks right at 40 days.......after read more the pathetic hard stop 30 day warranty. A real company would supply a real warranty if they knew the product they are putting out was solid. Step up and offer a 90 day warranty at least! How do you buy a couple of these at once when the warranty clock starts at time of purchase? You may not use a backup stick till months later? If you got money to burn....this is your stick!

So far so good - great feel

2 years ago

Great stick. My son loves it. He is a lefty defenseman and has a hard shot from the blue line. He likes the control and feel that this stick gives him. All the new "super light" sticks tend to break easily and hope this one last a while.

Junior stick for Peewee

2 years ago

Amazing stick overall. Really improved my shot and has a powerful release.


2 years ago

Very helpful delivery was quick and easy no problems as of yet

Good and bad

2 years ago

Great performance, but very fragile. 4th one in 60 days

Phenomenal Stick

2 years ago

I learned how to shoot with this stick, and after comparing it to my friends, I've found that it's the best money can buy in my opinion.

Great feel but Not Worth It!

2 years ago

My son loves the stick, it feels great and very light but it just doesn't last very long. There is a weak point at the bottom of the shaft before the blade. 2 sticks same break and there are others who have had the same issue. At a price point of over $200 a stick its just not worth it.

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic

2 years ago

Great hockey stick perfect for slap shots and snapshots!! Highly recommend!! ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎

Poor build

2 years ago

Broke 2 of them in the exact same spot ! I like the stick just to poorly built

Great stick but will break

2 years ago

Great stick but will break. Have had 4 of them break between my two boys. Bauer was GREAT about customer service and the stick's performance is top notch. But it doesn't consistently break just above the kickpoint.

Grip, Rip & Release Blue-Line Bombs All Day!

2 years ago

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic is a featherweight beast with a uniquely rounded-off grip that feels both solid and comfortable in your mitts, combined with possibly the highest kick point on the market, to give you (especially D-liners) the confidence to grip, rip and release blue-line bombs all day. We wish Bauer would offer multi-stick deals and/or a longer warranty, but other than read more that its nearly perfect.

Ultra sonic

2 years ago

Youth stick, but my son really enjoys it. Light, nimble and feels good in his hands

Not worth it

2 years ago

This has to be the worst stick I have ever purchased for my son. He broke two sticks right where the blade and the shaft meet. The first stick only lasted a couple of months, but he liked it so much he begged me to buy another. The second stick lasted 40 days, and he was out with an injury for 14 of them. Not what I would expect from a $200+ stick.

Doesn’t last

2 years ago

After breaking my 1st and 2nd ones... I’m on my third ultasonic in 4 months. Love the feel, but seems like they sacrificing durability to make them lighter.

Bauer Ultrasonic Composite Hockey Sticks

2 years ago

Bought these sticks for my friend and his son and they are both ecstatic about the sticks. My friend coaches his 9 year old son's hockey team, and these sticks are the envy of the team!!

12U persective

2 years ago

He loves this stick and says his shot is a lot harder and he says he's gotten more accurate with it. It has held up after 4 months of games and a lot of shooting practice in the driveway.

In need of a stick on the way to a game...

2 years ago

We purchased this new hockey stick because for years the service has been great. Like every year we were greeted and walked to the hockey stick area. We knew what we were looking for so we grabbed the stick, asked for any advice. We decided to buy it and knew we needed to cut about 3" off the handle so we walked over to the blade sharpening area and within 5 minutes were on our read more way out the door to make it in time for the game. Always helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to help. That's why we like Pure Hockey. As for the product, Bauer makes one of the lightest, most innovative sticks in the industry. Always a fan of Bauer! Thanks again Pure Hockey for a great experience.

Broke within 2 months

2 years ago

This is the 2nd Bauer ultrasonics stick purchased in 6 months. This 2nd stick has lasted 8 weeks before the blade snapped clear off during practice. For $300 we should get more than 2 months out of a stick. Done with Bauer sticks

Broke too Quick

3 years ago

Less than a few shots and broke just above the heel. Very disappointed since other friends had theirs break and weren't as fortunate being still under warrenty.

Not so supreme

3 years ago

Stick broke after 6 uses.. only used in practices by a 12 year old.. just over the 30 days but sat because of COVID ., save your money


3 years ago

The shape of the stick makes it very easy to grip and it feels very good in the hand. The flex point makes it really easy to get a good shot off.

Nice junior stick but blade cracked 45 days in

3 years ago

My son loved the stick for the short time he used it, but unfortunately, the blade has cracked already, he had it about 45 days when this happened and he is only 11 so shots are not that powerful. Pure Hockey nor Bauer would work with me to replace the stick or provide partial credit on a $219.00 stick! My sad hockey player is disappoint since he had been saving for a new stick read more for a long time.

Bauer hockey sticks

3 years ago

Last three Bauer sticks purchased have broken within two weeks. Not a pure hockey issue but a product issue which Bauer will not stand behind. Only one replacement stick. That puts us 5 sticks in @ $250+ per stick. Kid weighs 155 lbs. has a Sherwood that has lasted over a year and 120 games. Plays U16AA (he’s 15). Anyway I don’t recommend Bauer sticks any more. Pure read more Hockey has fantastic!


3 years ago

Really nice stick. Extremely lite, and responsive. The blade however after 2 1/2 months cracked open from the top. So, not very durable for the money.

Almost 5 stars

3 years ago

Great stick! only reason it didnt get 5 stars is it is quite expensive...

Bought 3 all broke 2 of them within 2 days of each

3 years ago

worst quality stick ever used broke all of them that i bought. Do not buy this stick

2 sticks both broke

3 years ago

As others are experiecning - we bought two sticks (1 for each of our sons) and both of them have broke them within a 30-60 day window. In 6 years of playing they have only broke one stick combined. It sure seems like something is wrong with this particular stick.

2 broke within 30 days

3 years ago

My son broke 2 of these within the 30 day window was only able to exchange once under the policy. The breaks were on routine plays and nothing crazy. I understand the policy but I believe these stocks to be defective.

Expensive, but the best stick we've had yet.

3 years ago

I bought this for my 10 year old son who has always liked the lightest stick he could get and it is very light. He loves it. I will also say his shots seem to be flying off the blade with a little more force than his previous high end sticks. We're not really taking a lot of slap shots at this level, but his snap shot is popping. It sounds solid during use on the ice too. If you read more like a light stick and the high cost is in budget, this is a very good choice.

Does it count if it isn’t Bar Downskis

3 years ago

Great to find a real stick for a first year squirt that has a low flex but not a skinny youth stick. Saucing Passes and Bar Down top cheddar all day

Broke at the first game

3 years ago

This is a second stick that we bought. Both were broke in the middle before 30 days warranty expired. Be aware.

Great stick

3 years ago

I've had this stick for a couple of weeks and I love it! I've always had a hard time using my snap shot with the old Supreme sticks but now all my shots are amazing. The new taper system is something I have noticed from day one because my shots are a lot more accurate. As for durability no chips on the blade so far.

Surprised Me!

3 years ago

Bought this a week ago in desperate need of a new stick considering mine broke the night before I had a men's league tournament. I've been a nexus/jetspeed user for years now, and wasn't a fan of the supreme line back when I tried them several years ago, never thought I'd get another one. This Scheels that I purchased this stick from, had very limited options for my curve, leaving read more this and a CCM Trigger as my only two options. I'll be honest, I was very surprised by the feel, the quick release, and just overall how much I like the stick. Just wish it wasn't $300, but then again, all top of the line sticks are nowadays.


3 years ago

love the stick great performance. very light and love the taper.

Amazing stick

3 years ago

I got this stick about a week and a half ago and it feels amazing. A huge step up from the 2s pro. The kickpoint is lower than the 2s pro and it feels more like a nexus stick and i feel like that is a big improvement.

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Brand Bauer
Category Composite Hockey Sticks
Hand Left Left,Right
Flex 30 Flex 70 Flex,77 Flex,87 Flex 50 Flex 55 Flex,65 Flex
Pattern P88,P92 P28,P88,P92,P92M P28,P88,P92
Kick Point Position High
Weight 390g 288g 366g
Length 60" 54" - 54 Flex, 52" - 40 Flex 57"
Measured Product 60" 87 Flex
Shaft Design Asymmetrical TeXtreme
Blade Construction FastCore FastCpre
Tapered Sonic Taper
Warranty 30 Days
Family Supreme

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