Bauer Vapor 3X Ice Hockey Skates Review

Bauer Vapor 3X Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor 3X Ice Hockey Skates

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About Bauer Vapor 3X Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Vapor 3X Ice Hockey Skates are designed for speed and agility on the ice. With a 3D printed synthetic upper, these Skates provide a lightweight and comfortable fit. The responsive blade holder and Speed Plate 2.0 outsole work together to create explosive acceleration.

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Love the Bauer skates

1 year ago

My nine-year-old loves his first new pair of skates… He flies now!

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Vapors 3X

1 year ago

Good quality skate , solid boot and easy to break in.

Importance of Proper Skate Sizing

1 year ago

Great skate for grandson, perfect fit, sizing , width etc. Who new... Pure Hockey, sizing pros knew! In the past, bought some discounted skates at other stores, only to have issues with fit , feet etc . Grandson (young adult) totally loves the feel , fit , movement, quality. He said “helps him be a better skater”. Can’t go wrong with Pure Hockey on your side ...Lutz , Florida read more location.

Great Skates - profile as needed

1 year ago

Very comfortable (when sized properly). Have only worn once an they seem to be great skates. I imagine break in period will be short. Compared to my very ancient old skates, they felt very strange the first five minutes - pushed me back on my heals. Will get them profiled to reset this and expect them to be awesome going forward.

Great skates for my picky teenager

1 year ago

My teenage son tried a few pairs and finally liked these the best for the price range .

Comfortable and well fitting

1 year ago

Very comfortable. The 1-3 for system is helpful. I have a narrower, low volume foot, and the fit 1 was perfect for me.


1 year ago

Excellent skates - not too spendy considering how much you can spend on skates. Can tell they're going to last.

2 Left Feet

1 year ago

I am sure the skates will be great once my son gets them. The first box I received had two left skates. Pure Hockey has been great about the exchange, but definitely an inconvenience.

Bauer Vapor 3X Skate

1 year ago

A+...very please with the skate and the service I received from the staff at PH to get me into the correct model.

Perfect Fit!!!!

1 year ago

The perfect skates for my 12 year old son!!! He has very narrow feet and these for the best!!!


1 year ago

Massive upgrade from my previous skates. Fit really well and much more responsive

Cheaply made

1 year ago

Blade holder cracked after a deflection during a game, and the over all material of the boot was already falling apart. Had these for about 4 months before having to buy Hyperlites because of the poor construction.

These Skates Are Great

1 year ago

Living far from a pro shop, I bought two pair of skates over the internet and both were unsatisfactory. So first thing, get yourself to a real pro shop and get scanned. I had been skating in EE skates or D width for years to alleviate pain from my right little toe getting squished. I got scanned at Pure Hockey in San Jose and discovered my width was really a C. I had Easton skates read more for years and wanted a lighter, high performance skate. I was fitted into a Bauer 3X, size 6 Fit1, baked, and they punched out that toe area for me. This made all the difference in the world. Now I have to get rid of the D and regular width CCM skates that I had previously purchased over the internet and was wearing with thick socks...not a good solution to one trouble spot. One factor to be aware with these Bauer 3X skates is that there is a carbon insert in the tongue so you will not be able to wear them outside your shin pads like I always did. However, unlike my CCM RibCors, which have a humongous tongue, the tongue on these Bauers can go under your shin pad and you won't even notice i.e. it won't feel like it's hanging up and impeding your mobility.

Awesome Skates!

1 year ago

Perfect fit, great for a kid just starting out on hockey skates!

Solid intermediate Level Skates

1 year ago

Solid skates. Technology has come a long way in 20 years. Moldable liners provide great comfort. I baked mine twice and find lacing loosely in the toes and tighter in the heel/ankle to provide the most flexibility and stability. As always, excellent service from sales reps.

Nice upgrade to the 2X

1 year ago

Great skates. Very responsive and fast, and my son loves them. Very comfortable as well. We had them heated to mold them to his feet and now they are perfect. He went from Vapor 2x to these and says they feel great! A lot of bang for the buck with these skates.

Amazing fit

1 year ago

These skates are a game changer from my CCMs. Perfect fit Midfoot and rear, I feel like I’m one with the ice now

Bauer Skates

1 year ago

Great customer service! Even better skates!


1 year ago

Very lightweight and can tell a big difference on my edges

Good quality skate

1 year ago

Great skates at a great price. They work great for an aggressive skater. No need to buy the next model line up.

Perfect fit right out of the box!

1 year ago

I had been skating on a pair of old Vapor x500’s size 7 EE for the last five years. They were getting a bit long in the tooth and were a bit finicky on comfort. So I decided to treat myself to some new skates. I wanted to try as many options as I could so I did. I tried on CCM JetSpeed FT485’s, too narrow in the toe cap…SuperTacks 9380’s, more room than the 485’s but that read more thick tongue put too much pressure on my instep (didn’t want to lay extra for a lower volume tongue). Ribcor 88k’s we’re next, they felt the best to me out of the CCM lineup, but just wasn’t quite there. So then I tried some Supreme 3s, similar to the SuperTacks 9380 but more narrow in the toe area and a bit loose all around (7, Fit 2). So low and behold I saved what ended up being the best for last (for my foot), the Vapor 3x, size 7, Fit 2. Voila! Rejoice! I knew instantly these were the ones for me! No hot spots anywhere, relatively stiff boot, amazing heel lock and in my opinion a great looking skate! I’ve used them four times now in my beer league games and they have felt really good. Pretty much no break-in period at all compared to the old days of getting new skates. The taller steel took a game to get used to but other than that, they just work and I forget they are on my feet! Shout out to the boys at the Anaheim, CA location for being so patient with me while I tried on so many pairs of skates!

Excellent skate’s

1 year ago

For the price,I couldn’t resist. My daughter is flying in these skates absolutely loves the feel and comfort. I warmed them myself,she never complained about the fit or braking in. The skate is highly recommended. My daughter is 8.

Fit perfect.

1 year ago

I was very impressed with the new system for fitting skates. They scan your foot and Bauer has a new format, fit1, fit2,fit3, I have a 4E wide foot and I have never found a skate that fit until now. The fit 3 in 1-1/2 size smaller then my regular shoe size fit perfect.

100% recommend for safety

1 year ago

First pair I’ve ever owned but are fantastic skates and very comfortable when sized properly. I had an accident on the ice and ended up braking my leg but with how stiff these skates are it saved my foot and my ankle completely.

Comfort and stability

1 year ago

They helped my son improve with his skating! They are a lot more stable and comfortable in the toe area and ankle they are very worth it!!

Great Skates!

1 year ago

Great Skates - bought these for my son and instantly had a noticeable improvement in his skating. Nice quality skates.

Good so far

1 year ago

So far they're good. Still breaking them in, with very little discomfort, and zero pain. Good support, while having some flex for agility.

Great skates for a 6 day a week skater!

2 years ago

Great skates! My son wore them comfortably right away. He was advice to practice in them prior to wearing them in a game, but after his first practice, he said he was not going back to his old skates!

Fit #1 for skinny feet

2 years ago

Great fit! I have long, narrow feet and skinny ankles. They measured my feet and ankles with the 3D measuring system and brought out two pair for me to try (fit #1 in the 3X and the 3XPro). Both fit great! The 3X felt more snug around my heels so I went with those. I had them heated and formed to my feet. I love them!

Work horse skates

2 years ago

These skates are very comfortable and much lighter than my old pair. Sturdy and strong. I'm sure i will have these skates for years to come. No complaints.

Awesome for the price

2 years ago

Great boot comfy and well made. I’m on them 3 days a week and what a difference from my old 100 dollar skates

Overall happy

2 years ago

Skates fit great, service was good but wish you would take my old skates back


2 years ago

Only bad thing I have to say about the skates is the blades are to big in the toe

Excellent skates for my kid.

2 years ago

These skates are abit pricey for a child who is new to hockey and skating, but they fit great and are built well. They wont fall apart before he grows out of them, and then I expect the next kid to use them for at least a year. Really light and have good side strength/grip for my childs foot. Having a comfortable skate allows him to not be in pain, which makes practice and public read more skating easier to bear.

Great skate for beginners!

2 years ago

These skates are my first and fit great! I did measure my feet according to Bauer's website and i highly recommend you do that prior to purchasing to avoid having to return or getting the wrong size!

Skate fitting

2 years ago

I would recommend a in store fitting or have access to a Bauer fitting tool. Thank you

Great quality but painful boot

2 years ago

Purchased for my 13 year old son. The skates are fine performance wise, but cause severe pain on the ice, and have even led to bruising on the balls of his feet. It doesn’t seem fair to rate these low, because it is likely just the wrong boot for him. However, for the price we paid, I feel like they should be more comfortable.

Great Customer Service!

2 years ago

Great experience getting the proper fit. Thank you Elliot!

Solid skates

2 years ago

My first ice skates on my transition from roller to ice. I’m loving the skates so far ! And they fit my big weird fit. After breaking in the don’t hurt, they are super comfy

First time walking in

2 years ago

Staff was helpful. Scanned the foot for size. Bought the 1/2 size up for a child. The staff helped size it like an old foot lockers shoe experience.

Graf fanboy gone Bauer

2 years ago

The Bauer fitting tool is a lifesaver and I can't recommend it enough. I went from 9D in CCMs to Bauer 8.5EEs and the fit is perfect. For around 13 years, I wore Graf Supra 703s. I never thought I'd love another skate again after having a mediocre experience with Bauer Supremes and a horrible experience with CCM Tacks. The Supremes felt great but lacked the pitch I like, and read more the CCMs felt like I was skating in mud. When trying on skates, the 3Xs fit perfectly, the pitch (once the Superfeet insoles were in) was comparable to my old 703s, and there was just enough flex for me to be happy. It took about 3-4 skates for them to break in. They're very lightweight, I love the aggressive pitch, and I don't feel any energy being wasted when powerskating. I feel significantly more confident in my ability while wearing these, and I feel as though my speed has returned.

Happy Player

2 years ago

My Player loves the skates fit. The sales person was knowledgeable and friendly. All around s great experience!

Killer skates

2 years ago

I am loving my new skates. I have a wider toe box area and these are perfect for not making me feel cramped (fit 3). Super comfortable and a big switch for me.

Bauer Vapor 3X

2 years ago

High instep no problem. Comfortable skate immediately after molding- thanks Pure Hockey staff UT

Comfortable and great skates

2 years ago

Great skates and great customer service. A little tight at first but after baking them they fit perfect

Title is title.

2 years ago

Share feedback with other shoppers. Minimum text met. Let me submit this rating please. I dont want to type anymore.

Great Fit

2 years ago

My son tried these on loved them instantly. Uses them for travel hockey.

Great Skates Definitely Recommend

2 years ago

Have always worn Bauer Supreme skates but because my foot is a bit narrow decided to try Vapors. Went with the FIT2 skate and have had them for about 6 weeks now and very happy with them. Was also looking at the Vapor 3X Pro but not sure I wanted to spend that much money. The boot on the 3X locks in my heel to the skate while still having enough toe room and overall the boot read more is very comfortable. I play men's league twice a week then also on the ice couple other times per week coaching ... would highly recommend these skates.

Vapor Skates

2 years ago

Skated in 2 games with these so far, they feel great. Huge upgrade from my old skates which were 7 years old. Feels good on my foot, lightweight, very happy with my purchase.

Poor customer service

2 years ago

There is a zipper like hard seam right on my sons back heal. It’s only in one skate so it must be a defect. He hates them. I tried to take them back and they wouldn’t. He only wore them once. Terrible customer service.

Great Experience

2 years ago

Staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable! Thank you Nashua, NH Pure Hockey!

Awesome skates

2 years ago

Bought these for my daughter who plays travel and is on the ice 4-5 days a week and she absolutely loves them. Solid construction and support and great looks. For the price, it's hard to beat.

Perfect balance of stiffness and comfort

2 years ago

This is my third pair of Vapors. These are top drawer balancing perfectly stiffness and comfort. Our local Pure Hockey provided exceptional service.

Great product

2 years ago

Great skates for rhe price and the help atvtge store was amazing


2 years ago

Picky about my skate fit and these are dialed in without going up to Pro or Custom models. Some things to consider and / or ease any hesitant buyers: - tongue squeaks with standard laces, changed to wax laces. It's just the vinyl material they used on this particular skate and only one skate did it until I swapped. - insoles that come with these skates are horribly cheap (Bauer read more should be ashamed); expect to spend another $50+ on SuperFeet, still giving 5stars as I would have swapped them anyway and the SF locked right in. - if you like your skates snug, expect these skates to loosen up 1/16th of an inch or two after baking and sweating in them. I would recommend NOT to size up if you are hurting mildly in some spots at first. - blades are profiled differently than the Supremes - they have more of a heel and, at first, found I was falling forward. Takes some getting used to coming from Supremes - may consider different profile of blade, but quick turns in these are incredibly easy - seems to have helped with my stick handling. - top eyelet and the fabric / stitching that meets there is stitched to a point - seems like it will peel open / fold with time. No big deal - will see - in my experience, toe box is less blunt than Supremes and provides a little more room. A 10 Supreme and 10 Vapor fit differently. the 10 Vapor seemed to fit a few 16ths longer than the Supremes to me and provided a perfect fit (I like my toe touching the end of my skate when standing ~ positive but comfortable contact); the rounded toe on these provided that. - Look and feel! Maybe not the most important thing but I like the way they look, very sharp and I like handling these skates, feel very put together. Three times out on these skates and they seem that they will wear in like a favorite baseball glove. Great skates for a dad teaching his kids to skate and playing league hockey 1x week and occasional pick-up.

Best skates

2 years ago

Great skates! Very smooth and sharp. The feeling of riding is very comfortable. My legs were numb for the first couple of weeks, but then everything became fine.

Great skate for the money.

2 years ago

Great quality at a reasonable price. My son is using to play on his high school JV team.

Vapor 3x don’t disappoint !!

2 years ago

My 10year old son loves these skates and said it’s his best pair yet. I also bought the light speed pulse blades to go with them instead of the blades that come with the skates. World of difference

Fantastic product!

2 years ago

Great product! My son has really liked the upgrade.

Good Skates

2 years ago

My son loves these skates. The guys at Pure Hockey did a great job fitting his foot and finding him the right pair.

Great skates.

2 years ago

My daughter was fitted and set up with great experience at Pure hockey. The skates fit and perform excellent.

My kids hockey game went up 25% instantly with the

2 years ago

My kids hockey game went up 25% instantly with these skates

Good skate for reasonable price

2 years ago

My sons fit profile when from a fit 3 to a fit 1 in less than a year(pre teen). He LOVES his new vapors and his skating stride has noticeably lengthened. The skates are a step up from the CCM ribkor74 that he was using. Much stiffer quarter package. Skate has a good amount of higher end features and has good interior support. We upgraded the foot beds to super feet since the include read more ones are typical unsupported foam. All in all a very good middle of the line skate for not a lot of money. Definitely Recommended.

Vapor 3X

2 years ago

Fit and perform well. Would recommend to anyone. The new toe cap design, really helps with a wider foot.

Great skates

2 years ago

Great skates my daughter loves them, took a bit to wear in after baking

Vapor youth skates

2 years ago

My son loves these he said these skate feel better than any other skates he’s worn he skates 4-5 times a week

Bauer Vapor 3X Skate Review

2 years ago

My son couldn’t be happier with his new Bauer Vapor 3X skates. Brian from Pure Hockey in Cherry Hill, NJ was great in helping him make sure he had the right skate.

Great fit for wide feet.

2 years ago

Great fit for wide feet and fast on edges. Excellent price for high quality skates.

Pretty good skate

2 years ago

Big difference from the jet speeds my son had. Very comfortable and well balanced.

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