Bauer Vapor FlyLite Grip Composite Hockey Stick Review

Bauer Vapor FlyLite Grip Composite Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor FlyLite Grip Composite Hockey Stick

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About Bauer Vapor FlyLite Grip Composite Hockey Stick

The Bauer Vapor FlyLite Grip Composite Hockey Stick is a top of the line stick that is designed for optimal performance. It is made with a high-quality composite material that is lightweight and durable, and it features a conToured grip that provides a comfortable and secure grip. The stick also has a unique blade design that helps to increase shot power and accuracy, and it is available in a variety of different sizes to fit any player's needs.

Bauer Vapor FlyLite Grip Composite Hockey Stick For Sale

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Bauer Vapor Stick

1 year ago

My son likes the Flylite better than the Hyperlite.

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Great stick Brakes in the same place

1 year ago

This is my fifth Flylight and I love them. Have tried a lot of sticks on the market but this one is my favorite as of now. I fell I’m getting a good shot and is not whippy at all. The only problem I have with the stick is it brakes in the same spot each time. The 4 I have broke all have broken in the blade. They lasted a decent amount of time.

The feel

1 year ago

Great release with light effort. Such light weight as advertised.


2 years ago

It’s been around a month, excellent twig. Not much else to say. If you got the money worth the purchase.

Amazing performance

2 years ago

The stick is light and good for snap shots because of its quick release. Recommended for experienced players

Two Broken.....

2 years ago

We purchased this stick in October 13th 2021, it broke November 11thth 2021. We got a new one under warranty and the new one broke NINE days later. The flex is more than half my sons weight, he tapes it new every time, doesn't use it on concrete, for the price it should last way longer. If it was just once I could look past it, but twice with the same one right down to the flex read more and curve mean it's clearly an issue with the ways its made. I'd stay away from this one.

How great this stick is

2 years ago

It’s probably the best stick I’ve ever used. My one issue is that I wish the pop lasted longer. Other than that the stick is perfect.


2 years ago

Good performance - but too fragile. Have had no fewer than three break on me… and subsequently break my bank account.

Outstanding delivery

2 years ago

Pure Hockey made my online purchase from Alaska for two sticks to be delivered quickly to my daughter playing in college in Vermont easy, affordable and timely. I was very pleased to see that Pure Hockey got those sticks there right on time...even in this crazy covid-19 world where delays seem to be the norm! Nice assist, Pure Hockey!

Hockey mom

2 years ago

My son loves this stick. Super light flex is great.

The best stick

2 years ago

Dope stick -- perfect size for me. highly recommend

Flylite review

2 years ago

best stick other than hyperlite really really good;

Very light stick

2 years ago

Very light stick. On slap shots it feels like it is going to break but it does not.

Do NOT buy this stick!!

2 years ago

Bought our FIRST sick online July 5, it was shipped July 6 and by July 11 we already had to return it. Four hours of ice time! The blade does not hold up. We did receive a replacement because it was well under warranty. By August 5 the replacement stick had the same issue. Apparently Bauer considers it a “cosmetic issue”. For the blade to not be able to handle puck contact read more without indenting seems ridiculous.

Flylite Hockey Stick

2 years ago

I’ve been playing competitive hockey for about 2-3 times a week. I’ve been using this stick for a little over a month and the blade cracked. Unfortunately my warranty has expired and my stick cannot be replaced after 30 days. Overall a good stick but you would expect it to last longer.

What a twig

2 years ago

Picked up this stick as a "why not" splurge on myself. Wow... The release is fantastic.... The holding of the puck and the taper just feels so good in my hands. Hachi Machi

Amazing stick and great shot increase with this st

2 years ago

Amazing stick and great shot increase with this stick

Best twig

2 years ago

This thing must be made of magic because somehow I’m scoring with it and my teammates pass to me now


2 years ago

My grandson loves it. He looks forward to every game. We recommend it.

Great Low-Kick Stick

2 years ago

Light weight, yet durable, low kick stick. P88 model makes the Lie more like a 5, which i what I like.

Best Twig I’ve Had

2 years ago

Love the new twig! Has a quick release and the wider blade makes a huge difference in my play. I am very happy with my purchase.

Bauer Vapor Flylite.

2 years ago

So much better than the Vapor X900 I played with before. Lighter and snappier.

Great choice for girls

2 years ago

My 14u daughter tried to get me to buy her this stick on a skate sharpening visit to the store as she has a teammate who just bought one. I told her no as her dad was not with us, we don’t make these purchases on a whim, and we had just bought her another stick a few months ago. I reminded her that she had money for this and if she really wanted it to think it over while we waited read more for the skates. When we returned one of her best friends & teammate was in the store and convinced her she needed to buy it. She has no regrets and immediately saw results with this stick. She was heading into the playoffs and championship games on both her girls team and coed team and scored several goals, had several assists, and won many face-offs. She has a lot of control with this stick and great shooting accuracy as her wrist shots and snapshots have been spot on and finding the back of the net. She often plays every other shift and with this stick being super light it seems to have made a big difference. Hoping it holds up and doesn’t break anytime soon as she really loves playing with it.


2 years ago

It was very easy to order and receive the stick online. Shopping in Alaska in person can be quite expensive , this saved $50, including shipping.

Flylite All Right All Right All Right

2 years ago

Greatest stick of all time. My 10 year old can now shoot with velocity and accuracy.

Bauer Vapor FlyLite Composite Stick

2 years ago

My son loves this stick! Can’t pass up buying them when they are on sale.

Bauer Vapor FlyLite

2 years ago

Great feel. Nice balance. Good release on my shot. Extremely light!

Great, light stick for explosive shots

2 years ago

Great stick- light and powerful- great for snap shots and wristers... holds up a lot better than the supreme 1s pro

Super light and durable

2 years ago

This was honestly my favorite stick I play a very high level and it’s held up through getting stepped on and all sorts of things chips in the blade all that and the blade is still in tact great stick.!!


2 years ago

terrible stick it breaks and is not wippy or super wippy.

Very Light and Very Durable

2 years ago

I have two daughters who used this stick about 5 times per week for 8 months. (Then they both broke the blades in a gap in the boards on the same weekend.) The stick is very durable considering the extremely light weight. I highly recommend it.

Sweet twig

2 years ago

Excellent stick. Purchased for my son, and he can feel a difference from his previous stick. Increased speed and accuracy.

Bauer FlyLite

2 years ago

Great stick, a bit pricey but so far it is really light and I’ve been happy with the purchase

Pure Hockey is a wonderful place with great staff

2 years ago

This review isn't for the products we buy from Pure Hockey. It is for the assistance and customer service we get from everyone at the store. Thank you for everything you do.

Snipe, Selly, Repeat

2 years ago

Great stick! Good flex and feel. choosing kick area is a cool feature! Thought it was a marketing ploy but it’s legit. Big improvement with my style of shot once I realized a low kick would best suite my one timer!


2 years ago

Excellent stick. Very light and durable. Quick release and still has great one timer. Thanks to Mallory at the San Jose store. She is an expert in the hockey field!

Ok stick

2 years ago

Great stick for quick release and all except terrible durability I’ve gone through 4 of these sticks in about a year in a half.

I like it buuut

2 years ago

I bought this stick with 20 pre loaded goals, and i havent been able to score a single one! The stick feels great, but i still suck!

Great Hockey stick

3 years ago

I purchased two of these for my granddaughter she had been using a CCM ft2 she could not get used to this stick. It's a great stick but it recieves the puck differently so she went back to the CCM. I feel it is a better stick for boys. She has Bauer shates and gloves so we love Bauer products.. I have no complaints and did not return them. I will find someone who will be very happy read more to get them

Hockey sticks

3 years ago

Best stick on the market. Where is the PM9 curves? Where is the over 85 flex? I would have bought 2 or 3 but only 1 left in the entire US. Had to order a custom twig which takes a long time.

Bauer Vapor FlyLite Grip Composite Hockey Stick

3 years ago

My sons loves his new stick... it's incredibly light and has a very quick release... he scored a goal in his first game with it.... so it's gotta be good !!!

Fast shipping

3 years ago

If pure hockey can do one thing right. It is shipping pure hockey gets things out in the fastest time possible always in time for your playing needs. Quality stick everything that it known for it does the low kick is perfect for my playing style but it might not fit your 10/10

Great Stick

3 years ago

My son loves the stick. Pure Hockey Cherry Hill, NJ employees were super helpful with the purchase. Will definitely return to purchase other equipment

Great stick and great service! Thanks!

3 years ago

Awesome stick, good price, and great service from the team at the Kirkwood, MO store!!! Thanks to you all!

The best stick I have ever owned.

3 years ago

My son bought one and his shot got much quicker and stronger immediately. At 67 I figured I needed an advantage playing with younger players and this has definitely upped my game. Totally impressed and blown away.

Very disappointed

3 years ago

Bought this for my son and spent a bit more then I planned on. My son told the sales person the problem he Was having with the sticks he. Problem: shaft of stick breaking down causing an inaccurate shot and within a uses breaking completely The sales person suggested he try this stick because Bauer makes a better stick for the problem he was having and that this would not break read more down or break as soon as other brands of sticks do. Well definitely NOT the case. IT BROKE THE SECOND TIME HE USED IT!!

These just break

3 years ago

This is an awesome stick, right up until it breaks. I had one break at the handle in between my hands! Another at the blade like others have reported. These are great if someone is buying them for you. Otherwise, a waste of good money

Great stick but...

3 years ago

Loved this stick while it lasted. The release is amazingly quick and my shot is harder than ever. But, about a couple of weeks after having it, i started feeling vibratio ns and sounds in the stick, which means micro fracture. Unfortunately, going into the boards the shaft snapped and although the performance is good, durability is an issue. Will probably be switching to a ccm trigger read more 4 or something beefier because I don’t have 300 dollars to spend every 3 months.

Very light, excellent blade

3 years ago

This stick is expensive but will certainly improve your release speed. The weight reduction is excellent and the blade stiffness makes passes crisper and more accurate. Staff at Pure Hockey were very helpful and gave good advice when it came to choosing gear.

Kid loves the stick (but it up for debate with me)

4 years ago

My son loves this stick, very light, seems to have good pop. Only drawbacks are price and durability. Blade broke off going into boards like another reviewer stated.

Son loved it until.....

4 years ago

Bough it 3 months ago. Broke yesterday - blade cracked at the shaft. Probably due to all the slap shots they do in stick-time/practice but should last longer for the price in my opinion. Son is 92lbs 5ft. Junior P92 40Flex

Love it

4 years ago

i have two, my custom one and my stock one, and i love both, neither are close to breaking and i simultaniousley use both

Durable yet light.

4 years ago

Having tried many sticks over the years, my son rates this as the best yet. So far so good.

Too bad they’re so expensive cuz he loved the stiK

4 years ago

My kid loved the stick but was bummed after the blade only lasted 13 days. No joke

Bauer Vapor FlyLite Grip Composite Hockey Sticks

4 years ago

New sticks are always a big investment (2 at $300+) and a bit of a rip-off industry wide. The store had a good selection with several different options to choose from. Staff members were very knowledgeable and able to help with product details. The hockey sticks come with a warranty, so be sure to test each one out during the warranty period.

Great Stick!

4 years ago

This was an early Christmas present for my son. He loves it! It is a very light stick and the contours of the shaft are great -- somewhat more rounded than the CCM trigger 4.

Nice stick

4 years ago

I bought this 3 weeks ago but my son loves it . It has a bit of a flick after it flexes . It was a toss up between the ribcore and this fly lite being a parent the price is a bit steep


4 years ago

We lost our sticks going to Chicago, but lucky for my son we replaced with this stick. He says that he loves the stick and his stick handling and scoring has improved since

Broken stick

4 years ago

Don’t buy this stick. Stick snapped the 1st time I used it after making a normal hockey play. 2nd time this model stick has broken on me in 2 months.

6 Beer League Games

4 years ago

Bought it with warranty credit, Started off great. Light, puck snaps off the blade. 6 skates in and releasing a snap shot and the shaft at top of the taper snapped. For that kind of coin and that few of skates, pathetic.


4 years ago

Lightest stick I’ve used. Used the 2s pro and 2n pro, have to say I love the vapor line the best

Good stick

4 years ago

It's a great stick but I expected a little lighter stick.

Broke 37 days after purchase!

4 years ago

Son loved this stick for short time he used it. Broke stick last shift of game going into the boards on a forecheck. 37 days after purchase date. OUCH! of course no warranty help.


4 years ago

Surprised my son with stick and loves how light and easy stick handling and shoots a lot harder

Best stick purchase yet

4 years ago

By far the best stick we have purchased for my very tall/large 9 year old. He feels it adds a ton of power to his shot (he is defenseman).

Great balance for a super light stick

4 years ago

Got this stick when it first came out and it’s my favorite stick since I owned a stealth. Very well balanced and super light. The puck feel is amazing.

Feather Light

4 years ago

Its so light! My daughter loves this new stick. Her shot

Best release on the market

4 years ago

I went from a true XC9 and this stick felt so amazing. I felt like I didn’t even have to do much and my shot will go where I want it. The release is the best you will find and it feels very good in the hands. I could stick handle very good with this stick. The snap shot comes off the stick better than I thought than I could ever shoot at a very accurate and fast shot. This is read more definitely worth the price point for the advantage you will get and overall just how much the stick will affect your game I feel confident with every shot I take and after at least 300 slap shots there is no sign of it breaking soon. 100% recommend for any forward or offensive defense. I love what your doing Bauer keep it up.

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Brand Bauer
Category Composite Hockey Sticks
Weight 366 Grams 390 Grams 288 Grams
Length 57" 60" 50 Flex: 54", 40 Flex: 52"
Construction Material DuraFlex Resin
Kick Point Position Low
Shaft Design Asymmetrical TeXtreme
Blade Construction AERO-SENSE 2
Tapered XE Taper
Warranty 30 Days
Family Vapor
Hand Left
Flex 87 Flex,102 Flex
Pattern P28,P92,P92M
Measured Product 60" 87 Flex P92

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