Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Grip Composite Hockey Stick Review

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Grip Composite Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Grip Composite Hockey Stick

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About Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Grip Composite Hockey Stick

The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Grip Composite Hockey Stick is a high-performance stick that is designed for the most demanding players. It features a lightweight construction that is balanced for quick, precise shots. The stick has a textured grip for better control and feel, and it is equipped with a durable composite blade that can withstand the rigors of the game.

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Grip Composite Hockey Stick For Sale

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Another great Bauer Product

1 year ago

Purchased this for my son who plays ball hockey. He loved it. Quick release. Excellent for stickhandling.

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Good for top level hockey

1 year ago

14year old top level hockey loves it. He said it has “good whip from the tip”


1 year ago

Great service from Pure Hockey. Very fast delivery.

Great for my level play

1 year ago

Love the stick, if you play quick shots, a lot of puck handling, more snaps and wristers, this is a great stick. I play 3-4 times a week and it handles that just fine. If you are smashing one timers, slappers or blocking shots regularly I’d look at the Nexus Geo or something else. My only complaint about the Vapor that I couldn’t find a stick over 60”s. I’m about 6’1” read more and for this stick prefer a 61-62” stick for my play. Extension fixed that for now.

Bauer hyperlite

1 year ago

Stick came fast and perfect shape and went right to my game. Love it.

Lasted 33 days

1 year ago

Bauer should be ashamed of putting this out I'm all for innovation but this stick is Bauer skimping on material to lighten up the stick and just it innovation a 14 year old should not be able to snap the blade taking a in practice

Not durable - Be Warned!

1 year ago

My son has used the Bauer 2N Pro for the past 4-5 years without a problem. We thought that we would try an upgrade in the Bauer line. Granted it is lighter, but a lot less durable. Within a couple of weeks of purchase, the stick developed a crack. It was replaced under warranty, but the replacement crack nearly in the same place a few weeks after receiving it. My son's game read more has not changed so dramatically that he is now breaking sticks every two weeks. I would stay away from this stick because I believe it has a manufactured defect. Be warned-don't waste your money!


1 year ago

Love this stick. Blade is responsive, stick is lightweight and good quality.

Bauer Hyperlite - Go Get One!

1 year ago

Our daughter loves her new Hyperlite! Launches all types of shots with authority and hasn't lost her scoring touch:)

4 sticks broken in 5 months

1 year ago

I have had a total of 4 sticks in 5 months. All of the sticks have broken on the blade. Absolutely horrible, not durable at all!

Broke 2 sticks

2 years ago

Not a fan of this stick. Bought one for my 12 year old in September for start of the season against my better judgement, To pay over 200 for a stick for a 12 year to me was a bit much. The other 80-100 sticks worked just as fine and lasted well over a year until he outgrew them. So the first stick i bought him last exactly 2 months and broke at practice not sure how as he does read more not - the team does not take slap shots... He went back to his old stick and for xmas received another Hyperlite. Last night - Feb 23 it broke at practice again. That was it for me. Going back to CCM sticks. Talked to clerk at store and i asked about the Hyperlite and if he gets alot of returns. He did say he has seen many come back lately. Not sure why they break so easy. Unfortunately there is only a 30 day window to get a replacement.

Do not buy!

2 years ago

Got this for my daughter, and she loved it. For the 45 days it lasted. No warranty replacement. Unless you want to be buying another stick in 2 months - find something else. She has had one of her sticks for 5+ years and still ticking.

Great Stick

2 years ago

Super lightweight and flexible with low kick point

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Grip Composite Stick .

2 years ago

High end stick. Incredibly light and strong. Great shooting stick especially with slap shots.

Broke Quickly

2 years ago

This stick broke 45 days after we paid almost $300 for it, so the warranty had already expired. My son shot well with it but the blade seemed almost too stiff for stickhandling.

8 year old broke stick in 40 days - Junior

2 years ago

Purchased this stick in December and broke 40 days later.. by and 8u player… very disappointed in the quality of this stick. Stay away

Tooth pick

2 years ago

Not a reliable stick for higher (Juniors) level of competition. Broke 3 sticks in four month period.

Don’t purchase

2 years ago

This stick is not good quality. Purchased 2 for my daughter, both are breaking apart right away.

Snapped second game.

2 years ago

I read the reviews and still decided to give it a try. Stick snapped at kick point, no slashes, any markings on the shaft, so purely structural design issues with this stick. Considering the price point I would stay away from this product.

Snapped two - 1st 38 days / 2nd third shift

2 years ago

1st stick lasted 38 days, snapped at kick point. 2nd stick lasted 10 minutes of ice time. Cracked at kick point. Bauer is having issues with this stick.

Complete Junk

2 years ago

I received this stick as a Christmas gift, and it snapped low in the shaft after one month of use. Because it is just over the “warranty period” Bauer and pure hockey won’t replace it. So save your money and get a different stick.

Very Brittle Twig

2 years ago

Stick broke within 10 days when it with puck on a shot block. 30 day return netted us a Nexus GEO which promptly broke the very next game, on a blocked shot. No warranty replacement for this since it itself was a warranty replacement. Store manager said Bauer is strict with regards to warranty policy. I was told at time or warranty replacement that the GEO also came with a 30 read more day warranty, only to be told later that whomever said that was incorrect. Love the light whippy stick, not a fan of the Brittleness/Cost ratio.

Weak blade

2 years ago

Blade cracked vertically at the heal within the first 20-30 touches of the puck. I don’t have heavy hands or a heavy shot.

Hyper lite sticks don’t last

2 years ago

Delaminates in the heel and then broke. Third one of these that broke just after warranty Time to find a new stick

Not durable

2 years ago

I bought this a month and a half ago and the blade cracked then I continued to use it and it broke the next day. And now it’s to late to get another one becasue the warranty expired so not durable and breaks easily.

Does not last

2 years ago

This was our 4th stick on 6 months. My son loves it, but it doesn’t last. This one lasted 2 weeks. Finally convinced him to go back to the nexus.

To fragile !

2 years ago

My son broke the toe of both of his hyperlite sticks within 7 weeks ! Sticks are way to fragile !

Best stick ever

2 years ago

Lightweight. Great flex. Low kickpoint. All work together to improve shot speed and control. Best stick ever.

Bauer hyperlite. Intermediate stick for son

2 years ago

We bought two sticks. First one Broke on day 32. Second one is now in the game But two days out of warranty. Ughh

Pure Hockey always ROCKS!!!

2 years ago

My son loves this stick he received for an Xmas gift!!

Don’t buy it

2 years ago

First one lasted 3 months and broke at heel. Second one lasted 3 weeks and broke at heel. The warranty replacement is already showing signs of concern at heel. My 15 year old loved the first one but the supposed 70 flex means absolutely nothing. All 3 sticks are hugely different. Can’t believe I’ve gone down this ridiculous path with this stick

Hockey stick

2 years ago

Daughter loves her new Christmas present She’s amazed of how light it is

Wearing out fast

2 years ago

Only used for 3 weeks and it’s already breaking. We will be returning it.

Great service

2 years ago

Customer service is outstanding. No hassle quick warranty claim with constant communication. Have used other online hockey stores but Pure Hockey is my go to online store now

It is not durable at all

2 years ago

I naught two sticks they both snapped in the blade after 3 days of use each I found that the flylite had more of a low kick point feel also. I enjoyed the flylite a lot more


2 years ago

Bought for my son. HE LOVES IT! Uses it about 4-5 times a week

Not well build

2 years ago

Blade wore out in 28 days. Warranty replacement broke in half 1st practice. Would not recommend for how expensive this stick is.

Not worth the price at all

2 years ago

Exactly 2 days after the warranty expired; the blade heel fell apart. White pieces of looks like chalk fell out and made the heel hollow. Daughter has had nothing but issues with Bauer sticks and will now go to CCM from now on. Senior P92/70 Flex and a 13-year-old.


2 years ago

Good quality and is lasting very well. Would recommend.

How it plays

2 years ago

Great stick. Went from playing the warrior covert qrl and this stick was identical to play with.


2 years ago

This hockey stick is Junk, Broke about 40 days into use, and of course bauer wont warranty it as its past 35 days. My 15 year old 110 lb kid had this one start flaking right at the heal, then break right at the heal! Wouldnt recommend this stick for anyone!!

Not Very Durable - Broke After 1 Week

2 years ago

Bought this stick for my son just over a week ago. He’s not a big guy and he doesn’t have a slap shot. It broke at the hostel very easily. Very poor quality for such an expensive stick.

Hyperlite P28 87 flex

2 years ago

Adjusting from a Sakic style curve doesn't take long. Love lightness of course, quick snappers, but also have had some of the fastest slap shots Ive ever taken when you hit it in the sweet spot. The blade also seems very durable with the feeling that it will perform well over time.

Do not buy this stick!

2 years ago

I bought this stick for my son 5 weeks ago. He did not use it initially and then it broke after only 3 weeks of occasional use on a simple snapshot. Bauer denied the warranty claim citing industry guidelines. It is unfortunate this product can't last more 30 days. You'd think a $300 product would be more durable. It appears others have had similar issues with this stick. Save read more your money or purchase a stick from a different manufacturer. A former Bauer customer.

Great stick!

2 years ago

Stick is light and very well balanced. I usually don't go with light sticks because they usually don't win battles but this twig shines all around, including winning battles. Has definitely made a huge improvement in my game. I highly recommend going with the "M" max blade model. It made a noticeable difference for me.

Surprisingly fragile and expensive

2 years ago

My son used this stick all of three times (2 practices and 1 game) before it got a huge chip where the toe meets the shaft. This was a very expensive stick, but I don't think it's going to last out the season. It's irritating, as his last Bauer Flylite stick held up for 3+ years.

Broke easily

2 years ago

i bought this stick a month ago, and although it was a great stick for the time being it broke 5 days after the warranty, i am quite disapointed because i had a flylite, and that broke easily as well in only two months, i think my next stick is going to be a nexus geo.


2 years ago

My son had the fly lite for over a year and was excited when this came out. He worked to buy it himself at 15 years old. Less than three months later the hyperlite is broken. Stick with the fly lite!

Great stick, ugly graphic

2 years ago

My hands felt better just picking this thing up. The feel of the puck is phenomenal with this blade. I went down in flex and my shot is improved. Only complaint I have is the ugly graphic.

Fast shipping

2 years ago

Shipping seems to be slow everywhere right now- we got this stick quick

Best stick

2 years ago

I bought one and it had amazing pop, so I bought a 2nd stick.

I don’t like it, I love it!!!

2 years ago

Totally top shelf,I was gonna return it when I seen he did not have 5 corners,like the Bauer nexus Geo!! Which was a nice stick too. I’m very pleased with this stick!!


2 years ago

First stick broke in a week. At these prices, what the heck are these manufacturers doing? It’s absolutely ridiculous!

Let’s go

2 years ago

I bought this a couple days ago and I am doing so well with it I love the chrome on the stick and it’s so light I really think you should buy it.

Very reliable

2 years ago

In the present day, shopping for hockey gear can be very difficult. Certain things may not be comfortable, fit properly, or have the correct color to match your team colors. It comes very easy to get the right hockey stick with the new bauer hyper lite because it is extremely customizable, very durable, and it is built with a very fast release timing and lightness. The bauer read more hyperlite hockey stick has a lot of options when it comes to how the stick works. It has eleven different options when it comes to the flex of your hockey stick. The flex is how far and how quick can your hockey stick bend before it snaps. People figure out their flex by having it a little less than half their weight. Majority of the top high school players in Wisconsin are 160lbs. and use a 65 to 77 flex. The flexs are 30, 40, 50, 55, 65, 70, 77, 87, and 102. There are 4 options for deciding how the puck comes off of the stick. The curve of the stick dictates in which way the puck flies off of the stick. There are three different hand side types for the stick, righty, lefty, and flat which is very uncommon for anyone to use over the age of 6. Hyperlites have been released for almost two months and I have been playing a lot of hockey with this stick and it has barely been damaged. The stick is very well put together and compact which makes it more durable to slap shots, deflecting a puck, and getting slashed. Compared to the most similar stick, the ccm trigger 5 pro, the hyperlite lasts much longer. I broke 3 trigger 5 pros in 40 days while playing at a lower level of hockey. In the last month while playing at upper highschool level, the hyperlite barely has a scratch. All of the senior sized hockey sticks, 70 flex and up, weigh 385 grams, while the 50, 55, 65, flex weigh 325 grams. The competitors of the hyperlite all weigh over 500 grams. The weight of the hockey stick is extremely important because it dictates how quickly you can move around your stick, pass, shoot, and control the puck. With the ability to have a light and durable stick, the quick release technology becomes even more noticeable. Quick release is how quick the puck can move off the stick when held flat with no presser of the stick. The technology makes the stick pop back straight, instead of being bent by the force off the puck. The stick pops back in less than .4 seconds when taking resistance from a puck travelling 75 mph which is extremely quick. Meanwhile, the trigger 5 takes over 1.2 seconds to straighten while taking a 75 mph puck. The Bauer Hyperlite is very durable, lightweight, reliable, and very customizable. The hyperlite is the most universal stick and it is an amazing option for any type of player. Overall, there are no flaws to the stick and it is the best stick on the market at the moment.

Best Stick Ever!!!!!

2 years ago

Love the way the blade core helps pucks fly off the blade, it has an epic release and you don’t lose any power by going to a low kick LOVE this stick

Hyperlite stick

2 years ago

If your looking for a quick release low kick stick, this is your answer. It’s light and the release is amazing.

What a great stick

2 years ago

I bought this stick last week the curve on the stick is soo nice and the stick is so balanced and im 123 pounds its such a nice stick i love it

1 tournament, 2 practices broken stick

2 years ago

We were hopeful that the new Bauer $300 sticks were durable, my 130lbs skater with a clean history of taking good care of his sticks broke this after less than 2 weeks of use. His friend purchased the same stick and his broke after 3 weeks of use... not good signs for a new product. No warranty on the replacement so we will see. Bauer needs to stop looking to take weight out of read more their top of the line products and focus on quality. 2X Pro breezers and gloves last just a few months before components fail. And lets not ignore price points... last years 2X Pro skates were $1,000... now the Hyperlites are $100 more with carbonlite blades... Bauer is owned by a VC firm... when is enough profit enough?

New stick

2 years ago

My son loves the new hyper light stick. The best thing is that it was delivered in under 48 hours

Rattle in the shaft

2 years ago

Already hear a rattle in the shaft. Hope he doesn’t break right at day 31

Hyperlite fan

2 years ago

Stick feels great while stickhandling and great pop. So far one of my favorites.

The weight feels very balanced on the stick

2 years ago

I got this stick about a week after it was released and have been using it for a couple weeks now. My last 10 sticks were all ccm and this is the first Bauer stick I've used in years but it feels very familiar and durable.

Elite as always

2 years ago

As always Pure hockey comes through! Pure H always keeps my son at elite level with elite products. Cheers

Light stick solid structure

2 years ago

Had this stuck 1 week, already had some rough moments in game with it. It took it like a champ! Gave it a couple hard clappers, seems just like new. Very sturdy very light

Best stick in the market

2 years ago

Feels great feels better than the fly light and seems like in wont brake used it 5 times alrwsdy just don’t Reccond slap shots best stick I had in awile

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Brand Bauer
Category Composite Hockey Sticks
Hand Left,Right
Flex 70 Flex,77 Flex,87 Flex,102 Flex 55 Flex,65 Flex
Pattern P28,P88,P92,P92M
Weight 395g
Length 57"
Measured Product 60" 87 Flex
Construction Material DuraFlex Resin
Kick Point Position Low
Shaft Design Asymmetrical TeXtreme
Blade Construction HyperCore Blade Core
Tapered XE Taper
Warranty 30 Days
Family Vapor

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