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Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates

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About Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates are the ultimate choice for players looking for speed, agility, and power on the ice. Designed with a focus on performance, these skates feature a lightweight and durable boot construction that provides excellent support and stability. The Hyperflex technology in the tongue and ankle area ensures a comfortable and snug fit, while the asymmetrical design enhances your agility and mobility on the ice.

The Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates come equipped with the TUUK LS Pulse TI Edge Blade Holder, which offers a superior grip and speed boost during quick turns and transitions. The LS Pulse TI Edge Runners are made of high-grade steel and offer maximum durability and edge retention. The BAUER SPEED PLATE 2.0 footbed is another impressive feature of these skates, providing a customized fit and optimal energy transfer to enhance your performance on the ice.

Overall, the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates are a top-of-the-line choice for serious players who demand the best in terms of performance and comfort. With their advanced features and precision engineering, these skates will help you dominate on the ice and take your game to the next level.

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Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates Detailed Review

Detailed Review

The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates are the latest innovation from Bauer Hockey. These skates have been designed to deliver the ultimate performance on the ice, providing players with speed, comfort, and stability, all in one package.

One of the standout features of the Hyperlite skates is their ultra-lightweight design. Thanks to the use of advanced materials such as carbon fiber and composite, these skates are incredibly light, allowing players to move quickly and effortlessly on the ice.

The skate's boot is also designed with comfort in mind. The 3D lasted carbon composite boot provides a comfortable fit, while also offering exceptional support to the foot and ankle. The boot is heat moldable, so players can customize it to their exact foot shape for even more comfort and performance.

The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite skates also come equipped with the latest blade technology. The new Hyperlite steel blade is designed to provide the perfect balance between speed and agility, helping players make quick turns and cuts on the ice.

Another great feature of these skates is the Form-Fit+ footbed. This footbed is designed to provide maximum comfort and support, while also wicking away moisture during gameplay, keeping the player's feet cool and dry.

Bauer has also included their top-of-the-line LS Pulse TI blade holder on the Hyperlite skates. This blade holder is designed to provide optimal energy transfer and stability, giving players better control over their movements on the ice.

Overall, the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates are an excellent choice for players looking for a high-performance skate that delivers in all areas. With their lightweight design, superior comfort and support, and advanced blade technology, these skates are sure to take your game to the next level.

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Great skate, but expensive.

Jennifer L
11 months ago

My son has very wide feet and a very high body instep making it very hard to find skates that fit him properly. This is his 9th hockey season and I was determined to finally find a pair of skates that fit his feet. I had no idea the price I would pay for such a skate for a 13 year old who wears a mens 11 shoe. He tried every skate that Pure Hockey had in stock and each one had an read more issue (put pressure on his foot somewhere) until he put on the vapor hyperlite. He absolutely loves the feel of these skates. His speed and agility have both increased because he finally has skates that fit right. I don’t know if I can commit to buying these skates every season as he’s never had a pair of skates last more than 1 year. Only time will tell but I can say that these really are great skates. I gave the skates 4 stars instead of 5 only because of the price. If you’re an adult looking for an awesome skate, I would definitely recommend trying these skates. If you can afford them for your kiddo with extra wide feet, then they are great skates.

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Amazing Skate...

11 months ago

These vapors are super comfortable and light!! Expensive, but worth the loot!

Great... other than eyelet

11 months ago

Son loves the skate. But don't like the eyelet not being part of the boot - It broke in about a month. Luckily under warranty.

Bauer Vapor Hyperlites

Mule G
1 year ago

Definitely recommend. My old True skates lost their comfort and many rivets over the years. Tried on several pairs/brands before choosing the Vapors. Although not as comfortable as the the Trues were initially, they are nearly as comfortable after five skates. The big difference is power/energy transfer in the Vapors. They are alive compared to the old skates. Greater response read more for the same effort. So far I’m very pleased I made the switch.

Loyal to pure hockey

Robert W
1 year ago

Best pair of skates ever owned / loyal to Bauer skates . Worth the price

Love them

Matt Cap
1 year ago

From the jump felt like my skates before very comfortable skate


Jon C
1 year ago

1month of use took time too break in but so far very happy with the performance and durability.

Hyperlite Vapor Skates

Ed Keif
1 year ago

The most comfortable skate I have ever purchase. No break in required. Super light and responsive highly recommend them.

Good, but some issues.

Alex Kl
1 year ago

Generally solid skates that my son is still using 2 months in. However, a few issues have come up. Instead of grommets, the laces just go through plastic holes. One of those gave way almost immediately, making it hard for my son to lace up. Secondly the blade change is extremely difficult--my son needs help to get the new blades in.


1 year ago

Great foot support and ankle support. Grandson said it helped him improve his speed

Fast skates!

1 year ago

Fast blades, needed to switch to boot with better ankle support, Shawn was a big help, really cares about the customer!

New skates!

1 year ago

My son loves his new skates! Great fit and support and he loves how light they feel.

Nice skates

1 year ago

Light and comfortable. My speedy player loves them.

Hyperlite hype is real.

C Thibodeaux
1 year ago

Great feel to these skates. Lightweight but very durable, super comfortable right out of the box. Love them so far and yes, Worth the money.

Bauer Vapors

T Hipsag
1 year ago

Super nice skates. Pretty sorry that premium priced skates don’t come with blades and nice insoles.

Poor plastic lace system!!

Busted 6mon Hyperlite
1 year ago

I bought these skates for Christmas of 2021 and my son skated in them just before the new year. After 6 months of use I am bow forced to buy another set because the plastic lace system at the top of the skate was broken and rendered the skate useless! Bauer doesn’t provide US clients repair services!

Elite Skates

Sammy G
1 year ago

Absolutely love them. Was thinking about getting them custom, but ended up not and love the standards!

Love these!

1 year ago

Awesome skates. Slim, fit great and you can feel the quality.

Best skates I’ve ever had

1 year ago

Lightweight, protective, durable. Worth the price completely

Bauer Skates

1 year ago

Great skates. Comfortable and high quality. A little surprised they didn’t come with blades though. Have never heard of that. Could be I just missed where the advertisement said when I ordered them. No big deal. I would recommend skates. Been buying Bauer for about 10 years

Highly recommended.

1 year ago

My son loves them. He says they are comfortable and even I’ve noticed he’s better on his edges and his first step is better.

Good skates, bit pricey though.

Good skates, took about 3 skates with them to really feel comfortable in them. If you get them baked, tighten the laces in the skate immediately afterwards and don't wait for them to cool down as it will be more difficult to lace during the breakin period.

Awesome Skates

1 year ago

These skates are awesome. Per my son, you just need to get used to your skating style with much lighter skates. Less effort but very comfortable

Bauer Vapor Huperlites best skates you can buy

1 year ago

Light weight and very comfortable. Took a few games to get everything settled to my feet. Now, I can skate several hour and my feet feel great. I highly recommend!

Best out of box Fit!

1 year ago

The fit and feel of these skates is amazing. They are hands down the most comfortable out of the box skate out there. I have skates on every other high end skate and these are by far the most comfortable. The only “need to know” before taking these skates home is that in my opinion it would be difficult to skate with your tongue out. The tongue is very tall and stiff, which read more may require some fitting issues depending on you shin guards. I wear my shinnies over my tongue so I have zero issues with it. Just something to consider.

Great skate. Comfortable and Responsive.

1 year ago

Bought them online and don’t have a place to bake so I broke them in the old way. Really wasn’t too bad after an hour and a half skate. Anything more I would get a decent blister or two, but after a few weeks they loosened up and I now have no issues. Lots of pop on these. Responsive and comfortable. I ref and play and love being able to have quick feet and tight turns which read more these help a lot with. I can feel the quality and the protection has been excellent thus far. I’ve take a few hard shots directly to the foot and I don’t feel much. I shell out the cash because I skate a lot and there’s a big difference in comfort between these and a 400-500 skate. Obviously the performance is there with these but if you’re on the ice a lot and for long periods of time then they’re absolutely worth it.


1 year ago

Everything is more than perfect. These skates are wonderful purchase and the user I bought them from was absolutely correct with everything

Nice skate

1 year ago

Switched to Vapors at the 2x Pro’s and decided to upgrade to the Hyperlites when they came out. In short, I absolutely love them. Only took 2-3 skates to have them fully broken in, and while the aerolite tongue is definitely different, I think it provides a little more support and protection than the older felt style. Waiting to get the carbon runners back from profiling and I’ll read more be the best D leaguer in America.

Love this skate!

Fabulous skate! Love it! I am a 65 year old beginner. It increased my time on the ice three fold.

Customer service & product

1 year ago

Great customer service and easy to use website!! Had some issues with shipping but they were resolved in within minutes of my call. Skates are phenomenal!!

Skates are great - but beware of sizing

1 year ago

I love, love, love these….however - they’re going back. Fit a little bit bigger than the 2X/2X Pro.

Senior player review of a senior high end skate!

1 year ago

Fantastic skate, worn about 8 times now, really comfortable, great support. Expensive but seem to be worth the money so far. You do get what you pay for, I'm 66 and been skating 50 years,


1 year ago

Best skates I have put on just the price is crazy but they are worth it

Great skates!

1 year ago

Ive been playing hockey for 20+ years, and skate 4 to 5 times a week. These are the best skates I’ve ever had. Though the price is a little high, it was worth the money.

Super light and very comfortable

1 year ago

These skates are the most comfortable skates I've ever worn. Baked at the LHS and fit like a glove the first time on the ice. Actually took a little getting used to how light these were with the carbonlites on them. The heel flexes a little which is interesting and makes you have to commit to digging the heel in on the off foot for quick turns.

Crazy Fast!!!

1 year ago

Coming from 3x Pros I was looking for the top of the line skate to see if there was any differences. It’s such a different experience from anything Ive had before. You can feel the weight difference right away. The comfort is similar to the 3x pro. Same with durability. With so many similarities, it still feels like a totally different skate. The tongue is probably why that is. read more Got the LS Pulse and had it profiled. These skates are fast. Very happy so far.

Not very happy

1 year ago

I had a pair of nexus N1 skates. And I had always wanted to try the vapor family, but couldnt because of their narrow fit. (i have wide feet) I thought that with the new Bauer fir system i would have no problem with that. I tried them on at the store, and the fit 3 didnt seem so bad. So I gave them a shot. I was very disapointed with these skates. First of all, the material on the read more boot is not vey resistant it wears out very fast with normal hockey use. The fit is very narrow, even though I purchased the fit 3, and half a number up from the Bauer guide system. Within 30 minutes into playing the feel on these skates is not comfortable for someone with wide feet. after a month of using them, im very disapointed in them, i'm swithcing back to my old nexus. I with bauer gave Nexus a second chance, they were great.

Marriage, Birth of my children, Getting hyperlites

1 year ago

I bought these skates with the carbon blades last weekend from the store in Sterling Va and could not be more pleased. I’m an old guy and definitely not a great player but the comfort and skating improvement is worth it. They felt weird at first, but after two skates Im realizing some benefits. My turns are sticking better and my stops are harder and more precise. I will never read more be great, but these skates are helping me be the best I can be.

Incredible skates!

1 year ago

I just picked up a new pair of these with the Ti steel and couldn't be happier. I had always skated in Supremes in the past, but with the new fit system, I was able to fit into a Fit 2 which seems really similar to my old Supreme D width. After baking and profiling, they are outstanding. I have about 10 skates on them and couldn't be happier. Out of the box comfort is great read more and forward flex is much better than my old skates. Only time will tell how well they hold up, but being this light, I doubt they will last forever. I was skeptical about the tongue, but took a shot in the top of the foot last night and it didn't seem much worse than with my old skates.

A++++ Great skates and amazing response

1 year ago

Great skates. Takes a bit to get used to the boot and tongue. However the skate works amazing when you get used to it. Recommend 2-3 skates prior to Game time.

Superb skates for serious hockey players

1 year ago

My son loves these skates. Expensive, but very high end skates.

Vapor for the win!

1 year ago

Skates are amazing. Fit is really good and they feel great out on the ice. Can't go wrong with them.

Big improvement from 1X

1 year ago

The Hyperflex zone fixed the forward flex issue I had on the 1X where I had to drop an eyelet because I couldn't flex my foot to skate backwards if they were laced to the top. Immediately noticed the lighter weight with carbonlite runners. The ankle foam seems much improved with better fit even after only a few games. Do they make me better? Who's to say but I feel fast and confident. read more looking forward to keeping these for the next 5-10 years

New Bauer Customer

1 year ago

Great fitting, light, superior quality. Highly recommended for the quality of a custom fitted skate at a much lower price.

Worth every penny

1 year ago

I love the skates worth every penny would buy again

Expensive but a great product

1 year ago

I don’t like spending this kind of money on a youth skate, but it’s so much different than the other skates. The fit is great and the new technologies really do set this apart. My kid is really enjoying these and he no longer complains about foot pain.

Hyperlite Skates...

1 year ago

Since I dont wear them...I will tell you that my son thinks they are the bomb! Super light skates that fit well and seem to give him more power

Comfortable and light

1 year ago

Super light, broken in and comfortable after just one game.

Fits DIFFERENT Than Vapor 2X Pros…but Better!

1 year ago

I personally feel these are the best Vapor skates that have come out since the APX2s. Please note that the Hyperlite skates fit differently than the Vapor 2X pros from last year. The forefoot is slightly wider and more voluminous than prior years. This is a good thing to me, but something you should be aware of. Also, the thinner tongue creates more volume on the tops of your read more feet than that of the 2X Pros. Again, good for me, but you might be different. Overall these are great skates and are very comfortable. The new eyelet system wraps your foot better than the 2X Pros. The only knock they get is the Bauer sizing. I have a high volume foot and these still aren’t as high volume as the old Bauer Nexus skates, even in a Fit 3.

So far so good! great skate!

1 year ago

My 14 year old was due for new skates. She has skated her entire life so she knows what she likes! Bauer has been very good to her over the years. Last pair was a pair of Supremes S2's which she had for FIVE years! wore the skate out finally! She loves the combination of a very light weight skate that offers maximum protection and great flexibility. I was concerned about the black read more carbon blades that were recommended for the skate and glad we did not purchase them for another $250 per set! (that is not a type-o). She opted for the titanium ($150 instead of $250). when i brought them to be profiled, the guy said they are having problems with the carbon melting off the blade during sharpening obviously a HUGE issue! The skates are very expensive. Hopefully they last as long as the Supremes?! They will be put to the test playing year round constantly skating!


2 years ago

Your opponent will have no answer for you with a pair of these on with the carbon blade.

Best skates for daily wear and competition

2 years ago

Comfortable and light. Feel great first time on the ice.

Skates and customer service

2 years ago

My son thinks these are the best skates he’s had since he started playing at 4 years old. Now 14 years old. Super light and very comfortable.. also the process of getting into a new pair of skates is top notch every time. Jeff ,Tom and the rest of the crew always very informative and super friendly from start to finish!!!

They’re fast as frick, boyeeee

2 years ago

Switched to Vapors at the 2x Pro’s and decided to upgrade to the Hyperlites when they came out. In short, I absolutely love them. Only took 2-3 skates to have them fully broken in, and while the aerolite tongue is definitely different, I think it provides a little more support and protection than the older felt style. Waiting to get the carbon runners back from profiling and I’ll read more be the best D leaguer in America.

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates- WOW!

2 years ago

Expensive yes, but super lightweight, supportive and exceptionally made.

Game Changer!

2 years ago

These are the best skates I've ever worn. There was zero break-in period, and I notice the speed and quickness improvements immediately, really!!!! Like most hockey players, I'm really picky when it comes to skates. I switched from the supreme line because my foot is narrow at the heel. These skates are a game changer, for me.


2 years ago

Very light. It’s the same curve composite used in previous models, so durability shouldn’t be an issue. The young may take some getting used to for some skaters. Another top notch skate from the best skate company on the planet.


2 years ago

As a coach/player I love these skates. I can wear wear them up to 3 hours running multiple practices with very little foot discomfort.

Awesome Skates!

2 years ago

My son plays elite AAA. He's always wore Bauer Supreme and very picky with new skates especially. This new pair is incredible with their new fitting system. Very comfortable from day 1. The blades are responsive when he makes sharp turns. The edges makes such distinct sounds as he cuts the ice compared to his older skates. Awesome so far!

Lightweight Agility

2 years ago

Just bought these skates. First impressions is a great fit, very comfortable, feel light and very quick. I would recommend going to the store to get fitted, the new fit system can really get you a custom fit but can also be confusing. After getting my foot scanned, the skate tec recommended a fit one 7.5 skate. It does have a wide toe box which works well with my shape foot. The read more steel is chosen separately from the skate, which is also different. Size 7.5 with steel is 825g.

Great skates

2 years ago

Amazing skates. As advertised, responsive and light weight

Early Review after a couple of skates

2 years ago

Writing this Review possibly a little too soon but I figured I'd give my initial impression after a couple of sessions. Learning curve with these skates for sure but worth it. The agility panels are definitely noticeable when you first gets these on the ice. I'll admit I hated it at first but once you get comfortable with them they're a game changer. New tongue is nice but there read more is a material seam in there that can dig into your ankle so if there's any con I've found yet, that might be it. Great performing skate and very responsive. Again this is early but for right now pretty happy with the purchase.

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Width FIT1,FIT2,FIT3
Heat Moldable Yes
Holder Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder
Runner Carbonlite, Pulse TI or Pulse
Tongue Material Aerolite Foam Tongue
Boot Construction 3D Carbon Curv Composite
Liner Aerofoam Pro Liner
Outsole Construction Hyperflex Technology
Footbed Lockfit Pro Footbed
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