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Specifically engineered for hockey, CCM is offering Custom Support Insoles, powered by currexSole. more

Since your foot is a sensor, the greater the surface area of the sole that is in contact, the greater the amount of it that will be activated, which in turn stimulates greater reaction of the foot muscles. Basically, this translates to enhanced performance, comfort and fit. In order to maximize the contact surface area of the sole of the foot to your individual foot shape, these Insoles are offered in three different arches: high-arch, medium-arch and low-arch. What arch type are you? That's a pretty common question and for about 60% of you, the medium-arch would be the best fit. Here's a quick way for you to determine your arch type. Get a tray that has just enough water in the bottom of it to wet your bare right foot. Step into the water, shake off the excess and take a normal heel to toe walking step forward onto some newspaper or cardboard. Match the shape of your footprint to the closest of the 3 different arch profile images (see inset image of the 3 different arch profiles).

After determining your arch type, choose the appropriate size insole for your Skates. Since each size insole covers several skate sizes, you may need to trim your Custom Support Insoles down to size. To do this, remove your existing skate insole and overlay it on top of these new Insoles making sure to align the heel cups and the inside ball of the foot area. Draw an outline on your new Insoles to mark where it needs to be trimmed and cut along that line with sharp scissors. Your new CCM Custom Support Insoles should be good to go. If you choose to wash them in the future, simply wash them by hand in cold water with mild detergent and let them air dry. Do not wring or tumble dry.

In addition to the custom arch support, the insole has several layers that each has a function. Whether it's breathability, moisture and odor control, shock absorption or stability, this insole does it all.

Why not get more performance out of your footbed? Show your feet some love with these Custom Support Insoles from CCM.


Brand CCM
Category Footbeds, Insoles & Tongues

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May 26, 2020
Review Rating 100%

Best we've found

These work very well for my kids (8, 11, 13) as they have very flat feet. My oldest skates an hour or more at day pretty much 7 days a week and these keep him comfortable. They also last as long as the skates, don't seem to wear out. We use them in Bauer skates as they are much better than the Bauer offering. Unfortunately I think these are being phased out.

March 4, 2020
Review Rating 100%

Great Product

Have been having issues with heal slippage and general foot slippage. I also have knee issues. I got these inserts and replaced the standard inserts that came in my vapors. These have been great and our way better then the standard insoles that came with the 2X Vapor skates. I had to add some lace bite inserts to really lock my heals back into the skates but these insoles helped read more a lot, my foot is locked in now and my knee pain is not as bad. Great purchase.

March 3, 2020
Review Rating 85%

Help with foot pain, make sure you know your arch size

I got the medium insoles, because I was having problems with severe arch pain while skating. I figured it was a lack of support, and these have been very helpful. They don't take the pain away fully, but the support helps so much.

December 28, 2019
Review Rating 85%

Good Quality Product but not for flat feet.

High quality product compared to some of the cheap insoles. May not be good for those with very flat feet. Ordered the Low Arch. Was impressed with the appearance and materials of the insoles. However, the caused pain up the leg due to pushing up on my flat arch. I can't imagine how high the High Arch would be.

March 22, 2019
Review Rating 100%

Greate Upgrade

I have only skated on these three times since I received them but my only complaint is that I didn't order them earlier. My feet felt 1000 times better after skating than they ever have before even with fairly new skates. Skates are much more comfortable and it showed in my skating, especially in the acceleration department.

big a
March 18, 2019
Review Rating 100%

extremely comfortable , a must for bad feet

i have the worlds worst feet and these made skating on the ice / d2 league play 100x more comfortable. prior my low arches would dig into the sides of the skates and cause serious pain. now i can skate all game and no discomfort at all, i have flat feet and these are the best footbeds i have ever used. i use these with CCM skates and the fitment is perfect

June 7, 2018
Review Rating 95%

Great insoles, but...

I have had these insoles for a season, they work great with my foot, I have no pains and they don’t affect my skating ability. But for some reason they tend to lift up from the bottom of my skate so there is space between my foot and the bottom of my skate which just feels weird, and slightly affects my agility, but it’s 50/50 so it only lifts half the time

March 13, 2018
Review Rating 95%

Worth it

I have had arch pain for about 2 years. Since I bought the new 70k's, I thought buying these aswell would solve the problem once and for all. Turns out they did! No aching and my feet don't get numb anymore. Overall great product. Might be a bit pricey though, but trust me, it's worth it.

October 13, 2017
Review Rating 90%

Great !!!!!

This insole should be included when purchasing my CCM Ultra Tacks !!! I had CCM Ultra Tacks Ice Skate and before that I was having arches pain after I speed for a few rounds, after I purchased this, I have no issue at all with my Ultra Tacks! Recommended for those people who have arches pain, it will be worth for you .

February 5, 2017
Review Rating 100%

Great comfort

I returned the Medium set that came with my CCM Tacks and went with the Low set. I can tell you that properly having my arch figured out with the CCM machine at the pro shop, helped my game out completely. These supports offer more than just support. The Medium one were giving me blisters and I was blaming it on the new stiff CCM Tacks. That was not the case. Improper soles read more will affect your foot and overall comfort. Have your arch figured out before you purchase these. Now I am pain free, blister free, and my skates feel like they are a part of my foot because of these.

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