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Brand CCM
Category Ice Hockey Skates
Heat Moldable Yes No
Replaceable Steel Yes No
Age Group Senior Intermediate Junior Youth
Sizes 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.5 9.0 10.0 10.5 11.0 11.5 12.0 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 8.0Y 9.0Y 10.0Y 11.0Y 11.5Y 12.0Y 12.5Y 13.0Y 13.5Y
Width Tapered Regular Wide

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Review Rating 100%
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CCM JetSpeed FT4 Ice Hockey Skates Reviews


Phenomenal skates

1 month ago

I’m only 7-8 games in with these skates so I can’t speak about how well they are holding up yet, but I absolutely love them. - Break-in period was almost non-existent. I had them heated and they’ve fit like a glove from the first game. - Very lightweight. - I’m not a pro so I can’t really speak on the 1-piece vs 2-piece design, however, I can honestly say they feel read more way more responsive than my old Bauer’s 3s Pros. If that’s because of the 1-piece boot or just simply brand/model, I dunno... They feel like a big improvement though. I didn’t get a chance to really compare these to the FT4 Pro’s while I was in the store as the Pro’s price point was just too high for me, however, I did compare them to the FT485s and the difference in stiffness is immediately noticeable. In my humble opinion, it’s worth the extra money to jump up to the FT4s if you can afford it. Now that CCM also is doing the newer fit system, I would recommend these skates to anyone.

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1 month ago

Great skate. Comfortable, sturdy. Always happy with CCM skates


CCM Jetspeed FT4

3 months ago

excellent quality. great skate. had bauer supreme 3s pro. this is an upgrade, at least to my foot and skating style.

Sai Xiong

Light weight ; Great wear to play in his league

4 months ago

I bought these skates for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves them. He’s only said positive things about the skates and says they are super light.


Amazing one piece boot.

6 months ago

Best skates available for kids skates under size 3



6 months ago

Agility style skater - Also a typical Bauer skate guy. Made the leap and I am so glad I did. I put these on for the first time 2 days ago and my personal felt like I've been wearing them for months. I was in shock, very comfortable. I had them heat molded and wore them for an hour or 2 hanging around the house before my first skate. The skates are light and fast. read more I went for the FT4s instead of pros due to price and also I wanted the skate to be a little softer (had no problem with stiffness, no ankle bite). I FT4s are the best value in this line. And lastly, nothing beats the style of these, they can be seen from 2 rinks down. Can't wait to get back on the ice.


love the skates!!!!

7 months ago

amazng skates!! worth every penny.. super comfortable


What more could you want …

8 months ago

The quality of these skates blows me away. First off, the feel and comfort is great. I did have to bake them two separate times to get them fully formed, (personally I think the first bake wasn’t as hot as it should have been). After forming them with some super feet inserts, they are amazing. The padding and construction are quality. These boots will definitely take a beating read more and still maintain their aesthetics. The liner has a good feel and texture and the padding really for a to the ankle(I have pronounced boney ankles). Lastly they are extremely responsive and lightweight meanwhile providing durable protection.


These are amazing.

10 months ago

Took baking them and a few skates in these to really break them in. Felt a bit narrow on my left foot at first, but after a second bake, where I tightened the laces a bit more in the molding process and a few extra uses, they were golden. I think these are essentially the FT2’s (previous top of the line model) with a few upgrades. Thus, these are really good value. Just a hair read more heavier than the pros and a touch more forgiving/softer, while still maintaining high performance stiffness. For comparison the stiffness performance index for the FT4 is 180, for the FT4 pro it is 195, for the AS3 it is 190 (?), for the AS3 pro it is 215 and for the 100K it is 175-185. The only reason I’m giving 4 stars, not 5 is that the tongue didn’t offer much of lace bite protection. I ended up having to upgrade the tongue. Same thickness XS tongue, but with better lace bite protection. It’s a pity because I like the shape and fit of the original ones better. Just not enough lace bite protection. I know it’s something easily remedied given the new XS tongue system, but at this price point I didn’t expect to have to spend more money on a tongue.


New skates

10 months ago

Took a session of skating to get used to new the new skates. Working great now that I’ve used them numerous times.


CCM Jetspeed skate

10 months ago

It really is a 3.9 rating. The stitching is not great and came apart after less than a month skating. Other than that my son loves them. The price point is also high for a youth skate.


Pay attention as they are non moldable

11 months ago

The CCM Jetspeed FT4 Youth Skate was built for the advanced young superstar... Level of play: Elite. Heat Moldable: No --- REALLY? Didn't know the elite skates for an advance level of play for such high price can even come non-moldable!!! Marketing is everything.

Water bottle lover 99

CCM FT4 Senior hockey skate

1 year ago

The most comfortable skate I have ever worn. Love the one piece boot design. Definitely more stable. I had them rockered and baked once, I would recommend baking twice for a quicker break in period. After 4 games, they were broken in very well.

Ripping Mad

Great Skate

1 year ago

Skates are great. Just as advertised. Cuts, turns and quick movements are easier.


Phenomenal skates!

1 year ago

Best skate I have ever had! Seeing improvements in skating as well


CCM Jetspeed Skates

1 year ago

They’re very stiff and are hard to break in, but are fast

John Mac

Sticker Shock

1 year ago

The Service was outstanding with fitting and helping choose. Quality of skate is excellent. My only problem was sticker price shock as our last pair of skates was the mid range youth skate CCM Jet Speed and I was unaware the staff was showing us the top of the line model and didn’t find i on it until they were sharpened and at the register being told they were $549. Definitely read more wouldn’t usually pay that for a growing child who seems to outgrow skates every 6-12 months.

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