CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick Review

CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick

CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick

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About CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick

The CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick is a top of the line stick that is perfect for the Elite level player. It features a lighter weight construction that ensures excellent performance and feel on the ice. The stick also has a reinForced blade that provides added durability and strength. It is available in a variety of sizes to fit any player's needs.

CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick For Sale

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Great Stick But Fragile

2 years ago

It was a great twig while it lasted. It lasted about 40 days of competitive high school hockey before the toe started to crumple and chip and crack. Performance wise it's the best twig I've had but has durability problems in the toe.

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Not worth the $$$

2 years ago

Stick broke after a few uses. Don’t waste your money!!

Best of the best

2 years ago

I see a ton of bad reviews my son plays hockey 5-9 times a week year round his latest stick is hammered but never broke nor did his ft3 pro that he used the same and after a year got a small crack. Luck of the draw but we love them and never going back.

Weak Stick, breaks easily

2 years ago

We really liked the weight of the stick and is why we went with it. I've purchased 3 of these FT4 pro grip for my 13 yr old son. All 3 broke in the same spot at the bottom of the shaft. None of which broke before 30 days to get the replacement. No more CCM sticks, going back to Bauer.

Broke quickly

2 years ago

Broke right after the warranty on day 46. My son is a Bantam and it broke on a slap shot at practice. For the cost I was frustrated that neither Pure Hockey or CCM would exchange it. In addition, it took 4 attempts to get a response from CCM. This was my son’s first and last CCM stick. We will continue to buy Bauer or True.


2 years ago

Well this is my sons 8th broken stick from the FT line in 2 years. 5 broken FT3 pro last season and 3 FT4 pro this season. All 30 flex, all broke in the same spot, right where the blade meets the shaft. Of course all passed the terrible 30 day warranty by CCM. The only reason why I kept buying them was because my son didn’t want to give up that stick. They would break simply read more by getting hit by a puck or slashed with a stick. Complete garbage! CCM should be paying me for having to deal with all this nonsense for such an expensive stick! I have since moved away from the FT4 pro and went with the Ribcor in 40 flex. Hopefully it will be more durable than the Jetspeed junk!

So good best in my opinion

2 years ago

i bought this right when it came out and still not one chip when on all my bauer have gotten chips mid season or broke this one so far has been the best ive had but not for snap shots but that’s because of the kick point i will definitely buy the ft5 pro and have recommended to everyone on my team they have all been just as satisfied as i was

Real Disappointment

2 years ago

Bought it for my 8-year-old player. 3 other teammates also have the same stick all broke around the 60-80 use point. He has used CCM sicks for the last 3 years. This is a great stick but is poorly designed and not strong. Total waste of money. They all break at the neck. Don't buy it. stick with the blue ccm stick or the Bauer vapor ultra light. Its a shame as the young kids were read more excited to have a fancy stick and it is poor quality.

Great stick, lacks durability

2 years ago

Great stick. The puck feel was a nice balance of responsive yet dampened, similar to Bauer nexus line. Very lightweight and balanced. Stick did break around the blade in 5 games though. So reason why I knocked 2 stars was due to durability concerns. This seems to be a common trend among alot of top of the line “lightweight” sticks. They all tend to break easily, which is a read more shame because they are all quite pricey. But if you can afford them, this stick feels top notch.

Stick won't last 30 days

2 years ago

First FT4 broke withing the warranty period. Pure hockey replaced it for free. Second replacement FT4 broke 2 weeks later. Both breaks in the same spot. At the FT4 logo. Very cheap CCM won't stand behind this stick. 2 broken sticks within 45 days

Jetspeed ft4 junk

2 years ago

Junk. Broke within month and half Sheared straight off with just a pass. Bad run maybe? 30 day warranty

Be wary wary quiet!

2 years ago

I really can't write a review cause it's a Christmas gift! Shhhhhh! After Christmas I'll write one! Ha.....Merry Christmas

Junk - Quality Issues

2 years ago

My son plays travel hockey and is on the ice 5-7 times a week. Over the course of 60 days, he’s broken 4 of these (thankfully the first two were covered under warranty). His buddy over the same period of time has broke 2. CCM says they don’t have any known issues but there is definitely something going on with these in the 30 flex. If money is no problem buy away…otherwise, read more go find something else.

Son loves it!

2 years ago

Bought this for our son almost a year ago now. He absolutely loves it. He is on the ice 4-5 times a week.

Stick breaks too easy

2 years ago

my son broke 2 sticks in 2 months and his buddy broke 4 in 3 months...We're looking for a new stick.

Good Feel but Terrible Durability

2 years ago

Bought two on 11/12/21 for my 14 yo son and both broke very easily. One broke by blocked shot and other by taking a snap shot. The shafts provide great feel and release, but break very easily. For the price the product needs to last longer

Better than the Hyperlite

2 years ago

My son purchased this stick recently. He also has the Vapor Hyperlite. He says this stick is way better and more pop.

Extremely low quality!

2 years ago

I bought this stick 2 months ago and it didn’t even last two months! This is my second ccm stick this year and they are a very low quality sticks since the first got cracked within first month ( I didn’t noticed within warranty period because the crack was covered with the tape). I am very disappointed because this stick got completely destroyed during regular ice hockey practice. read more I have to add that we never have any issues with Bauer sticks so we will definitely switch because I don’t feel comfortable switching sticks every other month for my 9 years old player. I strongly do not recommend this stick!

Not durable, wasting money!!!

2 years ago

My son loves this stick. We had the ft3 pro stick before this one and he broke it while playing a few months ago.. bought another one and it broke. He wanted to get the new one ft4 pro and over this weekend he did a stick lift on a kid and it cracked right at the shaft! Same as the other ones. I refuse to buy another one. He went with the hyperlite stick and is adjusting just fine! read more For such an expensive stick I don’t think a young kid could go through 3 of these in less then a year !

Broke on us, didn't replace it

2 years ago

son liked the stick, but it broke up by the top of the shaft on a backhand shot 60 days post purchase. not saying it's the stick's fault, maybe he blocked a shot or something and weakened it, but he's not a huge strong kid and has never broken a stick before in 5 years of playing. We bought a True to replace it and he likes that stick much better he says.

Stick broke after 2 weeks of use

2 years ago

It's a nice stick but it broke after 2 weeks of use. It was out of warranty as we purchased it on vacation and didn't use it immediately. Save your money.

New Stick

2 years ago

Great Service as usual, And very knowledgeable. Thank you

Durability issues

2 years ago

My son loves shooting with the stick, his favorite stick. I would have given 5 stars but he broke two sticks within three months.

FT 4 Pro

2 years ago

This stick is light and has a great mid level kick point to it. Highly recommend !!

Great stick to hang on your wall!

2 years ago

This Is a terrific, very lightweight stick, but it breaks extremely easily. My 16-year old daughter has gone through four in one season. Heads up!

Jet speeds are all you ever need

2 years ago

Absolutely the most consistent shooting stick I’ve ever had! The feel stick handling is improved a lot over the previous model! 2 weeks in so far with it and loving every minute on the ice with it!

Super Super Tackastical!

2 years ago

Super light and my son says the release is just as good if not better than the Trigger 5 pro. He is 14yrs old. Plays travel level.

Great stick

2 years ago

My son (10) really likes it. Very light, easy to lift the puck on short shots, and slap shot has more power now.

New CCM stick

2 years ago

Lightest stick ever. This is our 4th stick from the Pro line.

Great stick!

3 years ago

Son is two practices in with FT4 and he loves it. Great stick!

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Brand CCM
Category Composite Hockey Sticks
Hand Left
Flex 30 Flex
Pattern P28
Kick Point Position Mid
Warranty 30 Days
Family JetSpeed
Weight 380g (Senior) 380g
Length 40 Flex - 51", 50 Flex - 54" 55 Flex - 55", 65 Flex - 57" 70/75/80/85 - 60", 95 Flex - 62"
Construction Material Nanolite Carbon Layering
Shaft Design R-Shape
Blade Construction RR-90 Stiff
Tapered Skeleton+

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