CCM Super Tacks X hockey helmet Review

CCM Super Tacks X hockey helmet

CCM Super Tacks X hockey helmet

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About CCM Super Tacks X hockey helmet

The CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet provides Elite-level protection and comfort for the serious player. It features a lightweight, yet durable design with an adjustable suspension system for a custom fit. The helmet also has superior ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable on the ice.

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2 years ago

as soon as you put it on, you know. a must have. and doesn't look all galactic like old models haha

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Great helmet

2 years ago

Comfortable and lightweight. Feels great in the ice.


2 years ago

Very comfortable and protective. Airflow prevents sweaty head.

The most comfortable helmet I've ever worn

2 years ago

Super comfortable helmet. The only issue is it drips sweat in my eyes.

Nice helmet

2 years ago

Excellent fit and comfortable helmet. Was adjusted by the pure hockey staff.

Very Comfortable

2 years ago

Great fitting helmet, a little pricey but my son loves it

Worth it if you're a heavy sweater

2 years ago

Pricey, but worth it if you're a heavy sweater. Other helmet liners absorb sweat and break down with the volume of games I skate as an official. Sweat cap and this new lining are worth the price point for me. If you're not a big sweat person it may not be worth the $$$

Best of the best

2 years ago

Very light and very comfortable on the head. Far better than any of the other ones I have tried yet. It is a bit pricey but you only have one head and you better protect it


2 years ago

Didn't want to spend this much on a helmet but maximum fit and protection were the main reasons I went this direction. It also looks sick in white with my navy and white gear. Tried the CCM 910 and it fit too round, have some negative space left around the back of my oval head. Tried Bauer AKT 150 and, despite good fit, it felt like it was on my head rather than my head fitting read more in the helmet. Bauer helmets have a high crown compared to these CCM helmets which are flatter / rounder. This bucket just hugs your head and there is little if any negative space. Also, I wear a small helmet and have trouble with cages fitting my long face. Paired this with a cheap Bauer Profile II in small and it fits great. Really happy with this purchase. Some have complained that the nest material is a little less comfortable on the forehead and / or they seemed to sweat more on the face with it, but I did not notice any of this. The comfort level of this helmet is second to none. Staff at my Pure Hockey was great - very patient with me as I worked through all of the combos to find the best fit.

CCM’s new helmet

2 years ago

My daughter loves the helmet. She told me it is the most comfortable and her head does not get as hot. I love it because she banged her head and told me it was hardly noticeable. All and all great piece of PPE.

Awesome helmet!!

2 years ago

My son loves this helmet. He has had 3 helmets in the 4 years he has played hockey. He says it is “awesome.”

Comfortable keeps your head cool.

2 years ago

Very comfortable helmet. This was a poor impulse buy on my part. The price point is ridiculous. It does keep my head cool and that is nice. The chin snap is hard to snap and un snap. For the price the strap should be better quality. My paintball mask has a strong magnetic strap that is more secure and easier then this one.

Great fitting helmet, but drips sweat

2 years ago

I'll start out by saying that this is the best fitting helmet I have ever worn. The 3D printed mesh wraps around and cushions my head perfectly. I would give it 5 stars, but it could use some slight improvements. Since it's an all plastic liner with tiny hexagon shaped holes, there is absolutely no sweat absorption. My sweat just drips down into my face. I had to switch from read more a bubble to a cage because of this as my sweat droplets would fling against my visor and cause vision distortion. Even with the cage I'm consistently having to wipe down my face between (and during) shifts where I did not have to with prior helmets. I guess the foam type padding in other helmets have a bit of sweat absorption to prevent this, but that also probably means more weight so I digress. I would suggest some sort of headband or something similar to supplement, particularly, if you wear a full visor. Also, the all plastic nature of the liner caused some initial irritation to my forehead, but after a dozen or so skates wearing it now I don't seem to notice.

Super tacks X

2 years ago

Great helmet and super comfortable. State of the art 3D helmet interior. Streamlined look and fit.

Love it.

2 years ago

Took a cross check to the head and didn’t feel much noise.

Great helmet with poor quality control.

2 years ago

Comfortable and breathes well. For the price, didn’t expect to start with having to replace a faulty screw on it…

Super pricey, but hopefully worth it

2 years ago

Perfect sizing for my nephew’s head. The mesh padding is waaaay cooler (according to my nephew). Also the Bauer mask (the Oreo)

CCM super tack helmet

2 years ago

Super light helmet. The inside took about 20 mins to adjust to with the new feeling interior. It breathes so well on the ice as well as keeping you head cool for the tile. Would recommend to everyone.

A huge step up in equipment technology!

3 years ago

Switched out a fitlite 3DS for this and got kabomped, huge illegal hit to the head. I know I would be feeling it for days with the 3DS but with this helmet, I was good to go and felt fine after. It is lighter, more protective, and keeps your head a bit cooler than the average other helmet. Amazing stuff!

Awesome helmet

3 years ago

Comfortable, breathe able, dries extremely quickly, protection is second to none. This is by far the best helmet I’ve ever used.

Most comfortable helmet

3 years ago

The most comfortable part of my hockey equipment. It really helps with keeping me cooler too. Let’s hope when I need it the protection is just as good.

Great helmet.

3 years ago

This is literally the best helmet that I have ever owned and I have tried many. My head doesnt get at hot and its very comfortable. Yes, its expensive but I feel its worth it in the end.

Very comfortable! Feels unlike anything else!

3 years ago

I was able to get early access to try this helmet out and man, it's wild! It sort of feels like it floats weightlessly on your head, it honestly feels great.

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