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About Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag

The Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag is perfect for carrying all of your hockey equipment. The bag features a durable design and plenty of storage space for all of your gear. The bag also has a comfortable shoulder strap for easy transport.

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Excellent Gear Bag

1 year ago

This is an excellent gear bag. It has shelves for skates and one for your helmet. It is large enough to hold all your gear, but not so big as to be cumbersome or awkward. It has several smaller compartments to hold things such as keys and identification. It has mesh areas to help air the gear out. There is a place on the outside to secure your stick. The wheels make it a breeze read more to get your gear from the car to the locker room. It is light weight and surprisingly sturdy. I admit, I balked at the $200.00 + price, but in the end, it is worth every penny!

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Grit Tower Bag.

1 year ago

We love the Grit Hockey Tower Bag. My son is playing 8u so that why we got him the bag so he can carry/ roll his own gear. He love it. Truly recommend it.

Good, but a little tight

1 year ago

Great bag but its a little small compared to my othe ones. Fits all my gear but its tightly packed and not very convienent

Terrific bag

1 year ago

Very durable! Plenty of storage for this age. Bought this so we could have a roller bag with compartments. Absolutely terrific bag

Fantastic bag!

2 years ago

Keeps everything organized and at the end of the night it’s easy to air it all out.

Not worth the price

2 years ago

Bought the bag in August. The zipper pulled away from the bag and now is completely useless. I won't buy another Grit bag.

New toys

2 years ago

Great non conventional bag. Never thought i would get a non-dufffle type bag, but it works!

Bag for youth

2 years ago

Great for youth. Small for adult. Seems to have all ya need!

It was a neat Idea....

2 years ago

I bought this bag a month ago. I have had four games with it and it does not come close to justifying the price. I was so excited since I live in an apartment so the idea of just opening the bag and letting it dry sounded amazing but in practice, it is pretty clumsy. The top tower with the skates and helmet has already started to go limp. Your shoulder pads and pants will just kinda read more get stuffed in the bottom part. This is talking to beer league players, when you're done with a tough game at midnight-1am you still have to place everything in place instead of getting to just chuck it in the bag. Not terrible but I wish I had just grabbed an old man ccm bag

Better for older kids/adults

2 years ago

not easy for a squirt player to pull. also doesn't fit well in standard back seat of most SUV or trunk esp with the sticks in place. not to be used for goalie gear

Grit Roller Bag

2 years ago

Great bag just wish the skate and helmet shelf was actually sturdy so it held them in better.

Not a true stand up bag

2 years ago

The reason I am saying that it is not a true stand up bag is because I need to lay it down to get all my gear to fit in the bag. I am 6'1" and 205. I started to wear shoulder pads again during pickup and games and that's when the bag felt to small. If you are a player that does not wear shoulder pads you will be fine. I would like the outside pocket to be mesh or breathable and read more one more pocket as well. Bag needs to be deeper for bigger players. For youth players I would recommend the senior bag so all the gear is fitting well and you dont have to keep buying bags.

Tower hockey bag

2 years ago

Hockey stuff is well organized and better ventilated than in a horizontal bag. An Excellent choice!

Grit Tower - Great Bag!

2 years ago

So much more organized than the traditional lay down bag.

Tower Bag

2 years ago

Nice sturdy bag. Love the different compartments for skates, helmet, gloves. Main bottom section that holds, shin pads, pants, shoulder pads, with shirts and socks is a bit tight. Very easy to roll around with the sticks strapped to the bag.

Hockey bag

2 years ago

I gave it to my grandson for Christmas. He just loves it, he can carry all of his hockey stuff in it

33” Grit tower

2 years ago

Great bag, my 7 yr old loves it. 33” fits all his gear with room to grow

Amazing Bag

2 years ago

Great organization, everything has a place and the vented back really works. Rolling in style.

Best ever

2 years ago

Super happy kiddo!!! We love how everything gets well organized and the stick spot is a bonus wish it was on both sides tho for left or right sticks. packing and shipping was great.

Good bag for kids

2 years ago

Good bag for young kids who can't yet carry a bag. Keeps equipment organized so you can easily recognize if something is missing. This bag provides better ventilation when the front is open than the traditional bag. Could be improved with a water bottle holder

Too small

2 years ago

I bought one of these for myself and my kid. His is great, fits everything good but mine is too small. I have to cram everything in it and that’s after all the stuff falls out a bunch of times. They could have made this 6 inches bigger and it would improve the bag a lot.

Grit youth hockey tower bag- amazing!!!

2 years ago

Amazing quality! Very sturdy! Love the spots for helmet and skates! My 5 year old son can pull it!

Pleased with this purchase

3 years ago

This is a great bag! I have nothing negative to say!

Grit Inc HTFX Hockey Tower Bag

3 years ago

It is great for my junior hockey player. It is easy for him to open up the bag to air out and it allows him to put everything "where it belongs" to make sure he doesn't forget something prior to a game or practice.

Grit Tower

3 years ago

Great bag especially the carpet pullout. Helps when your player has to get ready in the parking lot and the ground is damp. It gives them somewhere to stand.

Grit tower bag Jr

3 years ago

Holds everything and more. It’s got great compartments for sites, helmet and other padding. Vented on the back so hoping that helps with the smell of gear.

Well-considered, spacious layout

3 years ago

Spacious, well-considered compartments inside and outside the bag; great ventilation keeps the “hockey bag” smell at bat pretty well; loops on the outside hold two to three sticks securely... this hold all my son’s equipment plus my gloves and my wife’s and my skates... with room for more.

Works great!!!

3 years ago

Finally i found an equipment bag that really works. Not only is this bag built like a Mack truck, it actually keeps my gear organized. It has a place for my skates and helmet, all seperately, but a second shelf for elbow pads and gloves. Then, a large area for shin pads, shoulder pads, etc. Seperate mesh pockets and removable bag for jerseys, socks and smaller items. The wheels read more make it easy to roll from the car to the rink. If I was to design the perfect hockey bag myself, it would likely look just like this one. Yeah, its a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.

Great hockey locker!!

3 years ago

This hockey bag fits my 10-year old son's gear with room to spare. It is exactly what we needed so that he could carry his own equipment to practice and games. The only feature it is missing is a place to put his water bottle. Every hockey player needs to take water so I was surprised to find that there is no water bottle holder on the bag.

Fast Shipping!!

4 years ago

I am very happy with my order. Super fast shipping!!

Get the big one

4 years ago

It works for squirt son. Spend the few extra bucks and get the 36 inch one. It is worth it for the extra space. It's on wheels so doesn't make a difference to my son how big it is.

Great bag for Mite/Squirt

4 years ago

I bought this bag 3 years ago and it still looks great. Its been through the typical wear and tear of an active hockey kid. Wheels are great and the strap for carrying is very handy for a parent.


4 years ago

Bought the larger version for my Squirt player and it can easily fit all his gear, plus himself, with room to spare.

No stuffed stuff

4 years ago

I’m not a big fan of stuffing my gear in my bag and not being able to see what’s in there and what’s not. This bag keeps everything in its place and has room to spare. I thought about getting a 33 inch, but glad I got the large. Nicely made,. Hoping it travels well, as it’s about to head to Austria, Germany and Iceland, with me, in March.

Love this bag for Mite hockey player

4 years ago

Great bag! Gear is easy to organize and find in the bag.

Lots of pockets and storage!

4 years ago

Love the bag. Would have given it 5 stars if it was a little lighter.

Meh. Overpriced minimal quality bag its just ok

4 years ago

Some company needs to step up and make a real bag. These are just ok but overpriced. The shelves lean forward and dump everything Get the SR size as the 33' is not enough room. They work you just expect more

Quality Bag for the Price

4 years ago

Very tall, so can be a little awkward to transport in/out of the car. Fits all of my 12U player's gear. Wheels and zippers work well. Nice and lightweight when rolling.

Nice but not much room

4 years ago

I was surprised how little room there is in this bag. I find it hard to get all my gear in it. But it rolls nicely and I like the stick holder.

Great Bag. Love it

4 years ago

Awesome Product. Great value Impressed with the Quality

Big time roller

4 years ago

I bought this bag for my 6 year old who is starting his 2nd season. I was tired of carrying his equipment bag for him so I got him one with wheels. The goal is for him to pull it himself, but as the dedicated parent that I am, I know I’ll still be doing least for a couple more years. This bag is extremely sturdy and has adequate space for all his equipment, and plenty read more of room for future growth. I’m hopeful that he’ll get many, many years out of it.

Held up for one season

4 years ago

Held up ok for one season but they’re trashed after 2. The shelving in both bags is terrible and doesn’t keep anything in place. The zippers are broken. My kids have had theses bags 2 years, they’re 8 and 11 and play 3 days a week. I won’t purchase a Grit bag again.

Awesome bag with great features!

4 years ago

We bought this bag a monyh ago before hockey camp and we are so happy we did. It is much easier ro maneouver and organize equipment allowing the child player to take responsibility for his gear. Makes game travel and prep a breeze!

Great Bag!

4 years ago

This bag is awesome! There are spaces and pockets for everything. The stick holder on the side comes in handy too! It rolls very well, and my equipment doesn’t move or slide around. I highly recommend it!

Grit Tower bag

4 years ago

Excellent product. My mite can now carry/roll his own bag into the rink. Also takes up way less floor space in the crowded locker room

Great birthday.

4 years ago

My 9 year old grandson is an up and coming ice hockey player. He loves it.

Fantastic gear mover

4 years ago

This bag is a lifesaver. Carry all my gear without having the juggle my sticks while also saving my back! Only complaint is I'm very tall so my gear is quite large and I've taken this bag to capacity. If a larger model was made, I'd buy it and pass this down to a buddy or kid in need.

Quality bag

5 years ago

Great bag for kiddos, helps keep gear organized for speedily putting it on/off. My kiddo was very excited that he could help pull his own bag. It is a bit heavier than a standard duffel style bag. I am perfectly ok with this though as it only matters putting in the car. Seems to have quality construction and i have a feeling it will last for quite a few years.

Awesome bag

5 years ago

I bought this for my 10yr old daughter. We can get ready quicker now because everything is so well organized in this bag! Just wish they put the bottom handle on the bottom front instead of under the bag. Fits all her gear nicely and fits in the trunk of my car easily too.

Nice looking sturdy bag.

5 years ago

I really like these tower bags. My older boy has had one for a couple of years. The only regret I have is that I wish I'd have got the big one.


5 years ago

Makes it super easy for player our player to find everything he needs


5 years ago

I bought this bag a year ago and the both zippers are already broke. It is great idea, but poor quality zippers.

Perfect size for my squirt

5 years ago

Large enough to keep gear organized and small enough to allow my squirt to manage by himself


5 years ago

Used two time, already have a hole through the mesh ventilated back.

Good but some issues

5 years ago

I’ve used this for 2 years and my xl player equipment just barely fits in. Tight fit. The only part of this bad that broke within 6 months is the top shielf. The rod now sticks out and the skate and helmet fall out from time to time when not zipped up. Before you buy this make sure it fits in your trunk. I have a large sedan and it just barely fits. The bag is relatively high read more profile. The rest of the bag is holding up. Wheels are fine but then again I live in a climate that warm all year round. No snow.

All we need in one bag

5 years ago

I got 'diva' for my 5yr old daughter. I was concern that could be too big but i wanted a bad where all goes in. She can deal with it with no problem because it rolls very well. All in one bag with the necessary compartments and breathable back helps with maintenance of the equipment. Color was very important for her and this is the only brand that I could find with this color read more My 9yr old son has it in red and with his travel last year worked perfectly. The size holder for sticks is very convenient. It is very durable so I hope it holds it up this season too.

Organizes equipment

5 years ago

The junior size is perfect for my son's (squirt) equipment and the mesh levels keep it organized so he doesn't leave anything behind. He was hesitant at first because he was used to just throwing all his equipment in but now likes that his stuff has its own space. He also likes the stick holder on the side. We've only had it a few weeks so time will tell about durability. The only read more downside is when the outside front pocket is full and you unzip the main compartment, it makes the flap heavy and can get in the way. Otherwise we love the bag.

Great kids stand up bag

5 years ago

Like a mini locker room! Let’s air thru so the stink doesn’t grow.

Best bag ever!!

5 years ago

I bought this for my 11 year old son and it’s amazing! It has a spot for everything to go in, so nice to have everything organized! This is the only bag you’ll ever need. Love it and so does my son!!

Great Bag

5 years ago

A awesome bag, better than anything we can buy in New Zealand and holds everything iown.

Perfect bag for sleepaway camp!

5 years ago

The squirt player needed a bigger gear bag. His sister was heading to riding camp to bunk with a lot of campers in a renovated milk house. She organized her gear & clothing in the shelves and pockets and lived out of it for a week. The vents are awesome - required for riding gear and hockey gear.

Awesome Bag!

5 years ago

I got this bag for my six year old who plays mite hockey. This Tower bag has a lot of storage and pockets for different items to be kept in. Everything has its own spot now and it is so much easier to get him dressed before hockey. I would recommend this bag to anybody looking to get a new bag.

Lots of room

5 years ago

I purchased for my grandson who is 5, and so for it is working wonderfully. All his gear has a spot, and he was so excited to show me where everything goes. Only been using it for two week, so can't tell how well it is going to stand up to the test of time. Seems very sturdy and rolls nicely.

Higher price not worth it

5 years ago

I’m an adult rec player looking to graduate to a rolling bag as I approach my senior phase of life. I didn’t notice the bag tapers at the top, so even though its as long as my old bag I’ve lost space. After a couple attempts I’ve ended up removing the inserts and just using it as one big bag. I like the stick carrier because I also carry a puck bag. I also occasionally read more carry a buddies skates home because I have a Sparx skate sharpener. So not carrying sticks is a plus for me. The quality of the bag is great, which is a big reason for the 4 stars.

Everything you'll ever need in a hockey bag

5 years ago

I bought this a couple weeks ago, so I've only used it twice. I'm already sold: The Grit HTFX is the best hockey bag I've every owned. Here's an overview. 1. It's lighter - Grit reduced the weight by over 30% and did it without sacrificing any features. 2. The ventilation is amazing. You could literally leave all your gear in in post-game and it would still air out perfectly. read more 3. They added a carry strap. The wheels are great, but sometimes you may want to carry it over snow or mud. Or maybe you just don't want to track dirt into the house. No problem. Since the bag is now so much lighter, it's much easier to carry than the previous models. It's a little awkward, due to the shape, but really no problem. 4. Of course, the trademark 'compartments' are still in place and better than ever. The middle 'shelf' is even ventilated, allowing gloves and elbow pads to air dry faster. 5. The side stick holder works perfectly. It frees up your hands to carry something else, if needed. 6. The fold out floor mat is soft and comfortable. If your rink is anything like where I play, the dressing room floors are disgusting. Now, I don't have to worry about it. Just keep my feet on the mat until I'm ready to put on my skates. 7. It takes less room and is more 'comfortable'. Because it sets up vertically, you're not in the way of teammates trying to get to their own spot in the dressing room. Plus, everything is within easy reach - no more constant bending over to find your gear. 8. The outside pocket is detachable. This feature seems minor, but it's very cool. For example, I purchased the red/white/blue model. So, I detached the pocket and had a Canadiens logo patch sewed on. It looks great and really adds a personal, finishing touch. Check out the photo to see for yourself. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. I'm VERY satisfied with this purchase!

Grit Makes a Great Bag!

5 years ago

Love these bags. Good quality construction and tough!

Super bag!

5 years ago

My grandson loves this bag! It's best feature is that is so light weight and maneuverable that he can tote his hockey equipment himself (instead of a carry bag that was bigger than he was). Nicely built, many more kids on his team now have a GRIT Tower.

Love this bag

5 years ago

We've been using these bags for the last month of the season, and they are working out really well. The pockets keep everything compartmentalized and help the boys put away everything on their own, knowing at a glance if something is missing. Helpful velcro tags on the side for keeping sticks -- and your other hand free to open doors. The bags are lightweight and two will easily read more fit in the back of a Subaru.

It’s green

6 years ago

My grandson loves his new bag. He wanted green and I thought I would never fine one but this is exactly what he wanted and most importantly it’s cooler than his older brothers. I’m probably going to have to buy another one now.

This works for an adult too

6 years ago

I bought this to replace my original Grit 36" senior bag. My 36" was starting to show some wear but the main reason I got the 33" was for a better fit in smaller cars and just less bag to lug around and have in small changing rooms at my rink. I am loving this more compact bag! I can tell you that a full set of medium adult sized equipment fits just fine if you pay attention to read more packing. There is enough room for a couple of jerseys, socks, and extras in the interior pockets. 4 stars because of the cost.


6 years ago

It’s like a little locker for my little guy. It’s awesome he loves it!

Zipper malfunction

6 years ago

There are two zippers one that you pull from the top and one that you pull from the bottom. the bottom zipper is very difficult to move and feels like it is going to rip off. it is lined up correctly but is very difficult to use.

Great Value

6 years ago

Great product for the value, the bags are excellent for youth hockey

Just right for my junior

6 years ago

This was a Christmas gift for my Squirt to replace the beginning bag where everything gets thrown in together & zipped up with increasing difficulty as kids & equipment get bigger. It's just right for him, everything fits in an organized manner, it ventilates, and he. An wheel it around on his own. He's just become independent at practice thanks to this bag.

Awesome !!! Exactly what we needed.

6 years ago

My son has been looking for a bag to transition to given that he is small, the carry bags are bigger than he is, most rollers don’t have sufficient protection given the way he rolls a bag (so they rip), and he likes things where he likes them. This bag has multiple shelves and pockets so he can organize things where he wants them (as opposed to where the picture that came it’s read more ththe bag tells him to put things), and it allows for an odorizer to live in the bag unnoticed. And, most importantly, it has sufficient anti-rip guard at the bottom that is very durable (so far, three months). Could not recommend this enough. Perfect bag for a mite/squirt sized person who is not strong enough to carry his/her own bag and drags the rollers.

Great roller bag

6 years ago

My 6 year old has had this bag for about a month now. It is almost as big as he is but he handles it with ease. There are pockets for everything which makes it easy to organize his clothes, equipment, tape, skates, etc. He will have this bag for many years to come. It was worth the price! He can be independent with his gear and I no longer have a heavy bag on my shoulder!

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