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RollerGard Rolling Skate Guards

RollerGard Rolling Skate Guards

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About RollerGard Rolling Skate Guards

Rollergard skating guards are the perfect way to protect your expensive roller Skates. They are made of a thick, durable material that will keep your Skates looking new for years. They slip on easily and stay in place, even when you are skating hard.

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Can adapt ice blade for lite roller hockey // lite stix & pux

4 years ago

This skate guard has a dual purpose, which makes it quite "worth the money " in any bdget ! Can adapt ice blade for lite roller hockey // lite stix & pux skating .

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Good but ....

5 years ago

as I like to try out new gadgety items, i bought a pair of these. Unfortunately the rubber grip to pull it tight over the heel ripped off the second time I used it. I can still put them on my REALLY inconvenient. Very good if you have to zip out of the rink to the car after you've forgotten something, etc and to buzz around the rink between periods or ice times with the 4 read more wheels, i would not recommend for playing inline at all as totally different from skating. Definitely no inside outside edge work but would be decent for a beginner


7 years ago



7 years ago

This product is simply amazing. I destroyed my wheels on my inline hockey skates so I decided to purchase this item to use on my skates. I was a little skeptical at first to say the least, but to my surprise these things actually worked! I was able to compete at competitive level and the best part was I didn't have to purchase new wheels or inline skates. The only downfall to read more this product was that the league I play in would not allow me to use them any longer as they do not meet the safety regulations of the association. Overall, I highly recommend these for recreational players. A solid 9.5/10

Fun time

7 years ago

MY friend owns a pair of these and we did a hockey camp and in our free time he let me use theese and they were a ton of fun. At firts they were hard to get used to but after a while it was a ton of fun

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