SportMask X8 Non-Certified Cat Eye Goalie Mask Review

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SportMask X8 Non-Certified Cat Eye Goalie Mask For Sale

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Category Goalie Helmets
Shell Material Fiberglass/Kevlar
Liner VN Foam
Cage Type Non-Certified Cat Eye
Helmet Certification N/A
Bag Included Yes
Made In Canada
Warranty 1 year

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SportMask X8 Non-Certified Cat Eye Goalie Mask Reviews

Light weight and protective

1 year ago

I like this mask. I replaced my old mask with this one. It is considerably lighter than my old mask. I was worried about the protection level. It flexes more than my old mask. The first game I used it I took a shot off the chin and it popped the lower straps off. No ringing from the shot no headache. I do believe I found a good replacement for my old trusty mask.

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Keeps your kids out of plastic masks!

1 year ago

Bought this for my Bantam AA for this season. This is an entry-level fiberglass shell with a stainless steel cage, a HUGE upgrade over the cheap Lexan plastics being used in most youth/junior masks. The Good... - Amazing fit. So many size options. Mask is connected at the forehead and on the cheeks. After adjusting the straps there is no rotation or movement when my son move read more his head quickly. - The shell has taken an absolute beating in just four month but shows very little wear. Son reports no ringing or aftershock from heavy shots to the shell. - The chin cup is AMAZING. best design of any I have used. Bought extras for me and my younger son to put in our Bauer NMEs. The less than good... - We have had the mask for just over four months and we are on a third cage. One of the bad things about being confident in taking shots to the head is that you're willing to take shots to the head. We have hot two major dents that I felt compromised the cage. They're certainly not cheap to replace. - The Rubatex foam feels cheap. I use a Bauer NME VTX, and while that mask feels like overkill on the foams, it does show that there are much better foam lining options out there. I am planning on upgrading the Sportmask to a Neoprene blend when there is a break in his schedule. Even though it is a mixed bag on different parts of the mask, at the price point, this is a fantastic product. My son is already planning on upgrading to a T3 when he moves to High School because of the fit and feel he has experienced with his X8. A very solid product at a very reasonable price and a much better option than the plastic shells that are all over the place.

Sport mask goalie mask

1 year ago

Comfortable and protective. Great upgrade from an older Itech mask

I like and would recommend

1 year ago

Have had a year and replaced cage already. Doesn't seem very strong.

Solid for it's price point

1 year ago

Overall awesome mask. Unfortunately took a solid screened shot A league clapper to the forehead and already bent the cage and chipped up the paint. No ringing, side clips popped. Mask did it's job. Just feeling it in my wallet. Super light compared to the hackva I was wearing previously. I plan on stepping up soon to a t3 or better in the next few weeks once I can find the money. read more Also, I plan on going a size down as my head size is in the middle of sizes.

Amazing mask, and very stealthy!

2 years ago

I tried on quite a few masks from all different price points, but this was the most comfortable. The cats eye cage really is the icing on the cake for this. Very durable and high quality!!!

Just got it

2 years ago

Just got the mask. Used it once. Seems great. Sight lines are good. I took a deflection off the mask with no problems.

Great mask

2 years ago

Great mask. More protection than my Junior mask. Took a shot near my jaw. Solid protection.

Solid mask!!

4 years ago

Everything was great except the fact there were scratches in 5 different spots on the mask. Only reason I wasn’t upset that much was because I was getting it painted

Looks great.

5 years ago

The mask looks really nice. Uses a 4 strap system, and the straps are really well positioned to the point where when looking at the mask, they're an after thought. Comes with a removeble neck strap that i would have liked to been on the inside, but ill take a sleek looking chin over it anyday of the week. In terms of safety, i'd say due to the mold of the mask, anything above the read more temples, and you cant feel a thing. And wearing a plastic dangler isnt really needed due to the long chin design that covers most of the neck el natural. However, pucks to the cage and sides, as well as chin will have your ears ringing for a bit as well as some discomfort. Id say a max of 8-9 in a row before it gets dangerous. It isnt enough to make me switch though, the mask is much lighter than the ccm 9000. To the point that its quite noticable. Would recomend white as it gives it a better look

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