TRUE Catalyst 9X Grip Composite Hockey Stick Review

TRUE Catalyst 9X Grip Composite Hockey Stick

TRUE Catalyst 9X Grip Composite Hockey Stick

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About TRUE Catalyst 9X Grip Composite Hockey Stick

The TRUE Catalyst 9X Grip Composite Hockey Stick is the perfect choice for players who demand high performance and durability. This stick is made from a blend of high-quality carbon fiber and fiberglass, which provides superior strength and flexibility. The stick has a low kick point, making it ideal for quick releases and snap shots. It also features a mid-curve blade that is designed to provide maximum accuracy and control when shooting and passing the puck.

The TRUE Catalyst 9X Grip Composite Hockey Stick has a textured grip that provides a comfortable and secure hold, even when your hands are wet or sweaty. The grip is made from a soft, tacky material that reduces vibration and increases feel for the puck. The stick also has a sleek, matte finish that adds to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Overall, the TRUE Catalyst 9X Grip Composite Hockey Stick is a top-of-the-line option for serious hockey players. It is designed to provide unmatched performance and durability, while also offering a comfortable and secure grip. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this stick is sure to help you take your game to the next level.

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Good performance, poor finish and durability.

5 months ago

Durability is sacrificed for weight savings and performance improvement, as it typically is in all sticks above mid-pricepoint, but it's worse than expected with this stick. Grip finish on the shaft is bad, already peeling off after a couple of weeks, like they just wrapped the stick in saran wrap. Blade texture/grit comes off when you remove old tape for a new TJ. Now I'm waiting read more for the other shoe to drop and for it to break just outside of warranty like so many others have experienced. The stick performs as you would expect from a shooting and puck control perspective at this pricepoint.

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True Catalyst 9x grip

7 months ago

Good quality stick for the money. Great for peewee levels

True review

7 months ago

Stick broke after 35 days I was told the warranty is expired

Blade cracked in 14 days

8 months ago

Nice light stick but the blade and hosel needs some durability upgrades! The feel of the puck is great but again when the blade cracks in 14 days there are some issues that need attention! Thanks

Great stick. Will buy again

8 months ago

Lightest stick I’ve ever played with. Very comparable to the Warrior WO3 curve. Extremely happy with this stick. The lie was a little different (I got mid kick lie 6) and I kept missing passes off the heel, but figured it out after about 10 minutes and ended up scoring 2 goals my first game with it.

True Catalyst 9X Stick

9 months ago

My first True stick was the A9 and it was a great stick. The feel for the puck was there and the way it came off the stick was impressive. It just broke on me so I went out bought the Catalyst 9X because why not. This is the lightest stick I have ever used and the way the puck comes off this stick is amazing. So glad I switched to True.

Catalyst 9X stick

9 months ago

Really light weight. Very accurate. Well balanced.

Nice stick - broke quickly

1 year ago

Bought this during a thanksgiving tournament - the blade started to delaminate by the 7th practice. Pure Hockey swapped it under the warranty….but seeing all the other similar reviews I am concerned about the quality.

Great stick but terrible durability

1 year ago

Blade started cracking and broke after less than 10 pickup/adult league games. Not worth the $300

Great feel

1 year ago

I haven't had the same issue with durability others mentioned although I always keep a fresh tape job on it. Shot wise it's accurate and I have found my shot much faster and responsive.

A TRUE piece of junk

Eric Ska
1 year ago

This stick is pure garbage. Delamination on the blade and shaft (with zero "trauma" or skate damage) made the stick unusable after only a couple months. Have had this same issue with another True stick which is very unfortunate but expected considering where they are actually made

Son loves it, but not durable

1 year ago

Son loves the feel of the stick. We have always owned True and I have never had a condition issue once. Until now. The toe and the heel of the stick are cracking and separating quickly. For $200 I was hoping to get at least most of the season out of it. Will not buy again.

Blade Durability Not Good

1 year ago

Blade started falling apart after a couple months. Never had this problem with Bauer or CCM. Won’t buy another True stick again

Outrages poor quality / durability for this price

1 year ago

Already gone through two of these in less than 2 month span. First replaced under warranty and second we must replace not a month later....ridiculous! Never buy True again...

Poor quality

1 year ago

Bought two new sticks a little over one month ago. The blade on one have snapped in half, the other one immediately chipped in the first game. Do not recommend and will not buy True sticks ever again.


1 year ago

Chips almost immediately. Second stick after the first was exchanged. Cant even exchange this one. Should have stuck w/ a bauer or CCM.

Great stick just don’t take a slap shot

Zac 1
1 year ago

Great feel for stick handling and wrist shots. Had stick for 45 days and shaft snapped right below hands on a slap shot.

Worth It

1 year ago

This stick has phenomenal feel and shots come off it really well. Highly recommend this for someone who wants a mid kick.

Very nice stick for 10U

Nic D
1 year ago

The boy loves his new twig. Moving up from a 20 to 30 flex during the off season. He loves the True sticks.

Missed the mark

1 year ago

I’m sure more durable but not better than xc 9. Has a cheap feel, not sure if balanced differently but actually feels heavier. Also, they change the TC2.5 pattern? Been a loyal true user for years and was excited about this release, bummer. Guess time to switch to ccm.

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