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TRUE TF9 Ice Hockey Goalie Skates

TRUE TF9 Ice Hockey Goalie Skates

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About TRUE TF9 Ice Hockey Goalie Skates

The TRUE TF9 Ice Hockey Goalie Skates are a top-of-the-line option for any serious goaltender. These skates are designed with a focus on performance, featuring a lightweight construction that allows for quick movements on the ice. The boot of the skate is made from a durable and supportive composite material, providing a secure fit that helps to prevent injury while also allowing for maximum mobility.

In addition to their advanced construction, the TRUE TF9 Ice Hockey Goalie Skates also feature a number of design elements that contribute to their overall performance. The skates have a low-profile design that helps to reduce weight and increase agility, while the tapered toe box allows for a more natural and comfortable fit. The skates also feature a high-density foam ankle padding that provides additional support and protection, helping to prevent injuries and discomfort during long games or practices.

Overall, the TRUE TF9 Ice Hockey Goalie Skates are an excellent choice for any serious goaltender. With their lightweight construction, durable materials, and advanced design elements, these skates provide the performance and protection that goalies need to excel on the ice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, these skates are sure to help you take your game to the next level.

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Goalie skates

1 year ago

One of the, if not , best pieces of goalie gear I have purchased in my life. First time I wore them, it was like driving a sports car! As a senior citizen gardien de but, I’m a bit beat up but these have added more miles to my career. Old school goalies like me know that North American products rule. Staff on the Glenview store are quite cool

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Love em

1 year ago

Love my TF9s. They feel like slippers after being baked. 3mm steel does take some getting used to. Definitely need a deeper hollow to match the feel of a 4mm.

Extremely Comfortable

1 year ago

Easily the most comfortable skates I’ve ever worn. I’ve spent over 3 hours on the ice at a time with no foot pain at all.

Comfy skate, great price. However...

Great skate for the price. Very comfortable like the VH it replaced. I would recommend getting them profiled vs. the stock cut. I would have loved to have had a place UNDER the heel to run my strap.

True Service

1 year ago

After years of cheap, poorly fitted skates, I finally decided to move up to some better ones, and the folks at Pure Hockey in Lynnwood helped me select a pair of True's. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful, and I'm very happy with my new skates!

So far so good after a few weeks

1 year ago

Good overall fit and run true to size compared to Bauer S29.

Almost the Perfect Skate

1 year ago

As close to a custom skate as you will get from an off the shelf. True did a fantastic job with this skate. Definitely lighter and more responsive than my sons previous skates. Highly recommended even at the price point. For what you get in comparison to similar models at the same price, True is definitely worth your time and considering.

Best Skates I’ve Ever Worn!

1 year ago

These are the best skates I’ve ever worn other than their durability. I always have the worst foot pain in every skate I buy, but these literally cause me no pain at all whatsoever. Extremely comfortable, nice and stiff, and a great price for a top of the line skate packed with great features. My only complaint is the durability. I got these in august and now it is October and read more my season has not even fully started yet and there are some signs of wear. The inside liner is wearing down, some separation is starting where the leather meets the carbon, and the toe cap is getting a little worn down. These things don’t concern me too much now, but I’m not sure these will make it past one season to two seasons of high level hockey like I play at. I could be wrong but true is notorious for durability problems. I’ll add an update review when I get to use them more, but I highly recommend these. Other than these small durability issues, these are a better bang for your buck than any other top of the line skates out there (minus the durability).

True TF9s were a major upgrade to my game

1 year ago

These skates were a huge upgrade to my mobility in net. It took me a couple games to adjust to them because the steel was a different profile than I was used to. Once I got my feet though, it just felt better overall. I could get a good bite when I pushed off and noticed an improvement to my control over my movement. And maybe I was lucky but there was no real wear in time for my read more feet to feel comfortable in them. These weren't custom either but they felt like they were built for my feet right out of the box (after a single bake). Couldn't be happier with these skates!

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