Warrior Krown PX3 Hockey Helmet Review

Warrior Krown PX3 Hockey Helmet
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Warrior Krown PX3 Hockey Helmet


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Optimum fit, comfort and a wide range of impact protectionUnique single dial adjustment conveniently activates and adjusts the 4-Play shell for 360° fitThree unique layers of strategically selected foam offer impact protection against all types of contact from high to low ForcesLow profile, soft touch foams create an even and comfortable fit ...read more


Brand Warrior
Category Hockey Helmets
Product Line Krown
Width 0.00
Adjustability Toolless
Helmet Style Helmet Only

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Warrior Krown PX3 Hockey Helmet Reviews

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March 30, 2020
Review Rating 90%


Only see very weel the size, are a lillte bigger than i expect, but is a great helmet to play hockey

March 29, 2020
Review Rating 100%

Fantastic Helmet for the Price

This helmets fits great and is very comfortable. The fast adjustment feature makes it easy to dial in the fit.

March 4, 2020
Review Rating 85%

Good helmet

I ordered this, because I have heard good about the helmet. Unfortunayely it didn't fit my head. I ordered another Warrior helmet and I'm happy with it.

March 4, 2020
Review Rating 90%

This is a great helmet that is super light weight and comfy

It’s great! As a ref I really enjoy this helmet as it is cheaper, but gets the job done well. I fall regularly (probably thanks to my bad skating ability) but I have not hurt my head yet as this helmet is well protective.

January 31, 2020
Review Rating 95%

Great Helmet!!!

Had a 15 year old Bauer I had been using, and while most of my equipment was CCM for comfort, that was the only helmet I'd ever found that fit my head right and was still comfortable. After buying this, and now using it for a full session in Men's League(beer league), I can say I found my new favorite!!! Breathes well, the quick fit adjust is super slick, and is very comfortable. read more The only complaint I have is that I went to put my Bauer Concept II shield on, and the screw placements were not the same. After some modification, I was able to make it work(need a new one anyways).

January 31, 2020
Review Rating 60%

love the helmet but hit a snag

I really like the fit of the helmet but it has a turning wheel on the back of it which adjusts for size. My perfect setting wouldn't hold on the wheel so it was either too tight or too small. Also the wheel wasn't strong enough to withstand contact. So anytime I hit something with my head (Not recommended I know) it would loosen and I'd go to the bench to adjust. So I bought a new read more helmet after 6 months.

January 16, 2020
Review Rating 100%

Comfortable for wide heads, easy size adjustment

My kids and I have wider heads and can't wear any other helmet without getting a headache at the temples. This is the only helmet that can be adjusted in both directions effectively (I know there are a few others, but they were way to long and loose when adjusted to our width). Without this helmet, hockey would be tough to enjoy because of constant pressure and headache. Very comfortable, read more and also easy to adjust WHILE WEARING the helmet. (No need to take off, adjust, put back on, repeat.)

January 6, 2020
Review Rating 95%

Excellent adjustability

This is the best fitting, most comfortable helmet I've had. It is very easy to adjust with the thumb wheel and you can achieve a good tight fit. It is also very light and has decent airflow (more important for us inline hockey folks than for you ice folks, I imagine). My only complaint is that the interior lining does not absorb sweat at all (again, probably a bigger deal during read more the warmer months for inline players). I've started using a helmet liner or headband and that solves the problem. No big deal considering how well this helmet fits.

January 4, 2020
Review Rating 100%

Great helmet with great adjustability

This is the second Warrior helmet I bought. The first was the first generation Warrior Krown. In a few years of use, it's never failed. Many complain that the 360's fitting mechanism fails quickly, but no. It's working fine. The only negative thing was the porous inner lining, which absorbed sweat very well, but was not easy to clean. In the Warrior Krown PX3, this disadvantage read more has been eliminated. Overall, it is an excellent helmet with an excellent level of protection, especially at a price you can buy it for.

October 14, 2019
Review Rating 100%

Great Helmet

I bought this helmet because it was on sale, but I am very glad I did. It is a huge step up from my old one. The fit adjustment is great and the padding is actually comfortable. The only hiccup I had is that my Bauer Concept 3 Shield didn't fit easily. Due to the spacing on the front mounting points I had to modify the clips of the Concept 3. This wouldn't be an issue on a read more standard cage though.

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