Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates Review

Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates

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About Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates offer a great blend of comfort and performance. They feature a plush microfiber liner that provides excellent support and comfort, while the lightweight composite outsole helps keep you light on your feet. The injected composite boot provides good energy transfer and the ConTour+ tongue provides added comfort and protection. The X3.7 Skates also feature Ansar technology in the footbed which helps reduce impact and vibration.

Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates For Sale

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Vapor 3.7’s

1 year ago

Super light weight compared to the Nike skates I tan for 10+ years. No issues, and get them in just a couple days.

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Good but NOT wide.

1 year ago

The skates are great! I have a wide foot so I wish I baked them but otherwise. Great skates!


1 year ago

these are awesome quality gears, Customer Service was beyond expectation

First time using Skate

1 year ago

If you get the right size and melt them to your feet correctly, the first time you use them should feel like you old skates if you had vapor before, they will still feel a little weird but i definitely didn’t feel any difference when I switched. Just be aware, your feet could hit for the first 3-5 times using them!

Decent for the price.

1 year ago

Took a little longer than I would have hoped for to break them in. Cheap skates that work but are definitely not a competitive level skate.

Perfect skate for what I need!

1 year ago

Perfectly light skate for what I needed. Play a few times a week in a beer league and couldn’t be more impressed. I would say adding BT blades made the glide even better.

Good Beginner Skate

1 year ago

Good beginner skate - value for someone starting out or playing at a lower level of competition.

Love them, good quality.

1 year ago

I exchanged the X-LPs for these as I needed a half size and I am very happy with them. Much better quality. They don’t feel super slippery inside like the X-LPs and they have removeable inserts. Also they are apparently heat moldable. They just look a lot fancier too. Very happy. I have tested them out a couple of times.

Bauer vapor hockey skates

1 year ago

Excellent services, friendly and helpful. Bought a Bauer vapor x3.7 ice hockey skate, 3 weeks later I came back to exchange for a bigger size because of some discomfort. The staff there are so helpful. I’m a happy customer.

Bauer Vapor X3.7

2 years ago

Great skates ! I haven’t played hockey in 20 years and needed new skates. Pure Hockey helped me out.

Bauer Vapor skates

2 years ago

These skates are amazingly lightweight and comfortable. I did bake them first and I recommend that.


2 years ago

After searching many skates and trying out many different ones, these have been amazing. They fit snug but not too tight, Feel good and grip the ice very well.

Some good skates, worth it

2 years ago

Best fit, comfortable, durable and true to size (so break them in well!) (If you're new to ice get them sharpened asap) these are really good skates they will not hurt your feet we are very freaking happy with them!

Hockey skates

2 years ago

Fit true to size, and comfortable and pretty fast for the money. Had the CCM tacks before these are nicer. Will def buy again

Bauer Valor Skates

2 years ago

Great durable skate. Love wearing them and are very comfortable. I would suggest adding inserts for more comfort.

Old Man Hockey

2 years ago

My son who is 7 got into hockey. I figured at the age 41, I wanna get into it. I purchased these skates, got them molded for my foot and they fit like a glove! I have a few public skates and 2 intro to hockey for adults with them. They feel better and better over time. Great quality and comfortable fit. They always say, don't cheap out when it comes to skates. For anyone who enjoys read more skating or wants to get into hockey, this is the skate to get!

Purchasing hockey skates

2 years ago

Great store with excellent selection of equipment! The people working there are great, especially Cooper! He/they do a great job of understanding your needs and doing the best job of trying to meet those needs. I highly recommend Pure Hockey for anyone looking for a great hockey buying experience!

Buy These, Dont look back

2 years ago

These skates fit perfectly and are a blast. The ease of swapping blades is amazing and the boot provides excellent support.

Great Skates

2 years ago

My son loves these. He was a CCM Jetspeed kid for a long time, and said these feel lighter and more comfortable.

Good value

2 years ago

My 12 year old loves them. I’m happy with the price and the staff in Braintree Ma is always the best.

Excellent skate and perfect fit!

2 years ago

I am new to ice skating, but have rollerbladed since I was a kid. These are fantastic skates and they fit my feet perfectly. I like where the boot hits on my ankle and the toe is big enough to not pinch. Pretty sure I'll be in Bauers for life.

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Width D,EE
Outsole Construction 3D Injected Composite Outsole
Tongue Material 40oz Tongue
Holder Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder
Liner Microfiber Liner
Footbed Form Fit Footbed

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